George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 21

George Discovers How Mescal-ed Up His Life Would Have Been Without the Benny-Fits

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Benny gets really mad when she discovers that George has rigged the results of a productivity contest at the factory against her favor, but gets the ultimate revenge when George can't sleep at night without dreaming of his dysfunctional childhood.

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  • In this episode Benny is mad at George because he fixed a contest from Benny winning a trip to Reno. Then George goes to a bar and drinks the worm then he has vison on what would happen if Benny would have been nice to him.moreless

    This episode is very creative and funny to see what would have happened if Benny would have treated him better. Personally, it is one of my favorite episodes. This episode kept me laughing and made me want to watch it again. The director's of this episode really had a good idea with this episode. Usally I don't like to see episode's that go through a different story than the original show but this episode was a definite exception. So, don't hesitate get this episode's point to watch the episode. So watch this episode now, go see it on Nick at night or My 24.moreless

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    • George: Mom, I swear if you touch another one of my clubs I'll take your..... I'll hurt your... Dammit! There's nothing she's cares about!

    • Benny: Angie, he cheated me. I should have won. I had the highest numbers.
      Angie: Is that true? Did she have the highest numbers?
      George: Look, she's been cheating on her time card for years.
      Benny: What does that have to do with this contest? I did the work.
      Angie: Well whoever did the most work should win. I mean George you have to be a man of your word.
      George: Why? She's never been a man of her word.

    • Benny: That's my steering wheel.
      George: You'll get it back when I get back my golf clubs and the new driver you're going to buy me.
      Benny: How am I supposed to do that if I can't use my car?
      George: I'm gonna say the same thing to you that you said to me when I was 8 and I stepped on that nail that went through my foot, "Not my problem."

    • Gina (talking to dream-sequence Manager Ernie): I just want you to know if my job is in jeopardy, I'll do anything you want. If you say 'jump,' I'll say 'on what?'

    • Benny: Don't call me 'mom'. you are not my son anymore.
      George: Yes! Finally the nightmare ends. Maybe now I can find a real mom. I'm gonna put an ad in the paper. (writing) Looking for non-smoker. Willing to hug. Must be adult height.

    • Benny (seeking revenge for the Reno trip): No it's not over. You screwed me, now I'm going to get you. It's payback time.
      George: What are you going to do? Raise me again?

    • George (Gina asks George to go with her to Reno): Gina the hotel in Reno doesn't have turn down service, but I do. No

    • George: You never taught me anything. You just punished me. I wasn't hooked on Phonics. I was hooked to a radiator.

    • Benny: Nobody's got as good numbers as mine.
      George: No way. You made these up.
      Benny: Go out and check the warehouse. I haven't worked so hard since I tried to teach you how to spell 'cat.'

    • George: While all the kids were camping and getting Indian names, I was alone in the backyard. So I had to come up with my own name, 'boy who plays with himself.' After I told the other Rangers my name, no one would do the secret handshake with me anymore.

    • Benny: Like I told the guy I picked up at Thirsty's last night, "Cut the chit chat and give mamma what she came for."

    • George: Alright everyone, the contest is over. I need your productivity numbers. Let's see who's going to Reno.
      Benny: Hey George, ask me where I'm going.
      George: I already know where you're going mom. It's hot, full of sinners, and you'll be dating Hitler. That's his punishment.

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    • George references the once well known phrase from the '80s and '90s "Hooked on Phonics worked for me." Hooked on Phonics was a popular educational literacy program famous because of the many tv and radio ads which made famous by phrase.

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