George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 17

George Doesn't' Trustee Angie's Brother

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2006 on ABC
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Angie's brother, Ray, comes around when he find out that his daughter, Veronica, is going to inherit the family inheritance. But George is the first to see through Ray's scheme when Ray asks Veronica to tap into her inheritance to invest in a new company.

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      • Ray: I know I've done some bad things in life. Listen, I've taken money from old people, kids, the feeble minded. (he turns to George) Again, sorry about that condo.

      • Ray: I have changed. Last year, I woke up in jail and I had one phone call. When my own sister wouldn't come to the phone, I realized that I had pushed everyone away.
        (Angie looks confused)
        George: (to Angie) Oh, that's right. Your brother called last year. He needs your help right away. I told you to put a pad by the phone. I can't remember these things.

      • (Ray is handing out money to everyone he stole from to prove he's changed his ways)
        Angie: You don't owe me anything.
        Ray: Well, remember your best friend Susan? Well, she wasn't the one who stole your babysitting money.
        Angie: You took it?! I told her off and never spoke to her again!
        Ray: I know, she was really upset. So, I was trying to cheer her up, so I took that money I stole from you, rented a hotel room and slept with her... Again, different person.

      • Veronica: My mom's dead, my dad's scum, I got no one.
        George: Well, I wouldn't exactly say :no one."
        Veronica: Thanks. She hugs him
        George: See, that's what I do, I protect my family. 'Cause when you're in this house, sabes gay, you're under my wing.
        (Vic walks in dressed in fishing gear)
        Vic: Hey, where's Ray? We're going fishing at our new lake-front cabin. He sent me a deal last night and I wired him a deposit. And the best part is that with the view from the cabin, I can see my buffalo ranch.
        Veronica looks at George
        George: He doesn't live in this house, so he's on the outside of the wing. When I fly, he falls off.

      • (about their bike ride
        Vic: George lead me all the way.
        George: That's because I didn't wanna be seen with you.Now I'm gonna have a nightmare about being chased by a banana with a mustache.

      • Angie:(about her brother) Why is he showing up here all of a sudden?
        George:(sarcastically) I don't know Angie. He's a con-man, his daughter just inherited millions of dollars, I'm in charge of her trust. Maybe he's here to see if the lemons are ripe on the tree.

      • Ray: I'm legit now. I help raise ventures to start new businesses. I'm still talking people outta their money, but now I don't have to dye my hair and pretend I'm Greek.

      • (Ray is apologizing for scamming George)
        Ray: Would it make you feel better if I told you that money went to charity?
        George: Did it?
        Ray: Well her middle name was Charity.

      • George: My son's modeling purses. You don't know my pain.

      • Ray: (to George) Have you been icing your head, it looks a lot smaller?

      • Angie: You can't admit you're wrong about Ray because you can never admit you're wrong about anything.
        George: That's because every time I do you always go like this: "that's another one for me", like you're keeping an imaginary score.
        Angie: It's not imaginary. The score is seventy-two ta zero.

      • George: How come you never told me I had any special talents?
        Benny: Oh, I'm sorry George, you're right. You did have a special talent. No one can wet the bed like you.
        George: I'm gonna use that to water your grave.

      • Vic: (upon seeing Ray) You know, you look a lot like my son Ray, but it's been so long, I'm not sure. Let me see. (looks behind Ray) Yep, there's the trail of slime on the ground behind you. It's you.

      • George: How can you trust Ray after all he's done to your family?
        Angie: Because I try to find the good in people.
        George: That's a really annoying habit.

      • Veronica: I can't believe I thought he'd changed. He just used me to get to my money.
        George: Well don't worry, I taped a clock to a couple of road flares and put it in his suitcase. That should really liven up airport security.

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