George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 1

George Gets a Pain in the Ash

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on ABC

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  • Who thought this would happen?

    This was an awesome episode. It had some funny parts and it had some boring parts. The writers did a great job comidicly because the quotes were really funny and the actions were awesome. They put in drama with comedy which is what I like in George Lopez. They had lots of very funny quotes and lots of very funny scenes. This was one of George's best appearences and absolutly one of his funniest. I watch this series to find episodes like this. Funny, dramatic, crazy, and down right hilarious. I hope FOX or whatever station showed this changes their minds and brings back this hilarious series

    George Lopez is an incredibly funny person, and it's so good to see him bounce back from his surgery this year. The Season Premiere last night was absolutely hysterical. I was laughing my head off the entire time. The entire episode was so well written, and even the annoying moments were dealt with and cut off before it got to be too much (like watching 7th Heaven).

    Most of the episode focused on Carmen and Benny. First Carmen. She decides to bluff and tell her parents she's pregnant so she can marry Jason before he moves to GA to play baseball. After her parents and Benny force the truth out of her, she starts talking with a southern accent that's REALLY funny. She uses funny southern expressions and slang and George asks Angie to please tell him she had an affair with Garth Brooks because this girl was not his child. lol.. After a couple days of discussion, Carmen thinks that the only way she can be with Jason is to really get pregnant, so she decides to tell him the "good news".. lol.. You can tell he's obviously freaked out and the next morning we learn that he woke up early, packed his stuff and moved out! Carmen spends most of the episode in denial (and quite brilliantly done I might add) and really does believe that he's just "getting it out of his system" before they get married. George sits down with her and breaks apart the letter Jason wrote her telling her it was over. I was a little disappointed with the crying that Carmen tried to express... but considering the show is a comedy I think it's ok to let it slide. They handled this plot and storyline very well, especially since Carmen getting pregnant or leaving the show would really kinda screw things up a little. It was much better than the Season Premiere of Hope and Faith.. but that's another story for another time.

    Benny's house catches on fire and we learn that she had 53,000 saved in her mattress because she thought insurance and banks were for suckers. lol... She loses everything and George and Angie tell her she can live with them. After George finds out that Benny gambled (or tried to gamble) all the money away that George had gotten for her, he gets sick of being walked on and tells her she has to leave. She refuses to move into an apartment and use the money that George gave her (which is what he gave it to her for) and decides to live in her car in their driveway. Near the end of the episode Angie comes running in and says Benny's car is on fire. We learn that she had put the additional money that George gave her in the glove box, so now she has nothing at all, including the money George gave her. It's really really funny the way they wrote this episode and the banter between George and Benny was so funny.

    It was just great and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, cause it was started out perfectly.
  • Carmen's crazy side is released.

    Wow, I've never seen Carmen go that crazy. I can see why Jason left, 'cause of Carmen's crazyiness and hyperness, etc. about having a baby over a year before they were gonna get married. Unbelievable. I mean, setting special dates for "making" a baby? Just weird!! If I were Jason, I wouldn't care about hurting Carmen, she was acting crazy! And I know she was saying all that stuff on purpose, but still, thats a little unrealistic and wild. Max also has some funny lines in this little "two parter" episode from the next episode, too. And remember when Ernie came in and he got all those notes practically saying the whole neighborhood thought Benny was a jerk? That was soooo hilarious!
  • Very...interesting....lots of problems going on at once

    It seems as though there are a bit too many problems going on in the Lopez house in this episode...what with Carmen's pregnancy and her boyfriend leaving her; then Benny's house burning down, and eventually her car from the same reason...they have problems here. So they take Benny into their home, and she drives her son up a wall, as she always does...and then they try to tackle Carmen's problem, but she remains in denial about the whole fact that he has left her for good and will not be coming back. Overall, this episode really extends the plot deeper.