George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 16

George Gets Caught in a Powers Play

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2006 on ABC



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    • George: I rode the bus a lot when I was a kid. It taught me about life. I saw an old lady die. I saw a baby being born. I saw a baby being MADE! I was five years-old. I didn't know what was going on. I thought two people were fighting over a seat.

    • Benny: (sees how Veronica's dressed for work) What're you going to do on Casual Friday? Come in wearing two Band-Aids and a sugar packet?

    • George: This is what the factory does to you. (Points at Veronica) You go in like that... (Points at Benny) And you end up like that!

    • (Veronica is dressed in a hot outfit at work)
      George: Tomorrow, I want you to dress more appropriate. I don't want you distracting the guys working with dangerous machines. Alberto's down to seven fingers, he can barely tie his shoes.

    • Benny: You know, if you were going to give me millions of dollars I'd give you anything you want, too.
      George: Mom, I've seen guys get you to do things for ten dollars, and a tall boy!

    • Angie: (about Veronica) That's it. That was the last straw. I can't take it anymore. I want her out of this house!
      Carmen: God, it was just a scratch, I'll pay for it. What do you want from me!?

    • Angie: (to Veronica) Get down here now you ungrateful tramp!
      Carmen: What?
      George: We know what you did, we want to hear it from your mouth.

    • Angie: You pay money to watch a girl brush her hair?!
      Ernie: Hey, I don't steal and I don't hurt people. This is my thing!

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