George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 14

George Gets Smoking Mad at Benny and Develops an Orale Fixation

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on ABC
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When Powers Aviation institutes a smoking ban, Benny's nicotine withdrawals drive George to self destructive behavior back.

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  • Powers Aviation bans the workers from smoking and they have to stop smoking or else they are fired, Benny can't stop smoking and it's up to George to help her stop smoking so she can keep her jobmoreless

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "George Lopez". It's not my favorite episode of the season but the only reason I gave it a 10 was because it was very funny and the plot was well written. Although, I wanted to lower score to at least a 9 was because Benny kinda got me angry in this episode. I just didn't like how it's George's fault that Benny is smoking. Benny was a horrible mother and I believe that the blame shouldn't have gone to George. I'm being generous and not lowering the score for this episode since it is worth watching. George threatening to plunge Benny's mouth if she doesn't stop smoking was very funny. George and Angie catching Benny smoking in the bathroom was definitely hilarious. George getting grossed out after Benny said "No you idiot, this one is so I don't get knocked up" was hilarious. George eating all of the pies in the vending machine at the factory when Benny gives him a lot of stress was also hilarious to watch. Ernie also telling Benny that she is a cold woman was very funny. Benny deciding to quit working the factory so she can continue smoking was very good. George being able to insult Benny again was good. Overall, this episode isn't my favorite but the plot was well executed and even though Benny did get me a little angry in this episode, it still deserves a perfect score. 10/10moreless
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Bob Koherr


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    • George: (to Benny) Okay, uh, here's the deal. I'm gonna try to stop complaining because I don't want to be your excuse for smoking. So if you can't quit, it's 'cause you're self-destructive, undisciplined, AND YOU NEVER GAVE ME A BIRTHDAY PARTY WHEN I WAS A KID!

    • Vic: (about Benny not smoking) How is she doing?
      George: You'll see. Just don't make eye contact with her.
      Vic: I never do. She's 4 feet tall.

    • Benny: George, in all of my stressful life, there's only been one thing that's ever brought me happiness.
      George: You don't have to say it, mom.
      Benny: Cigarettes.
      George: That's why I didn't want you to say it!

    • Angie: What did you do to finally make Benny quit smoking?
      George: I told her the same thing I wrote on her Mother's Day Card: "You're old and the better not lose your job, because Sabes Que? (you know what?) I ain't taking care of your ass! Warm regards, your loving son George."

    • George: Mom, are you still going to try to quit smoking?
      Benny: No, I want to get fired and live in a small box. What kind of question is that?!

    • Vic: Benny, you can't wear four patches.
      Benny: No, you idiot. This one's so I don't get KNOCKED UP!

    • Victor: The average person only needs one patch a day.
      Benny: Well then, I must be FREAKING SPECIAL! (pulls up sleeve to reveal 4 patches)

    • Max: Dad, Veronica's hogging the bathroom again. She's in there drying her hair and she won't let me in.
      George: Do you really need to use the bathroom, or are you just trying to sneak in there and peak at your cousin blow-drying her hair again?
      Max: Dad, if I really wanted to spy on her, I'd lean a ladder against the tree and use the periscope I built in shop class. So thank you for not trusting me.
      (George, Angie, and Max go upstairs)
      George: Come on, Veronica. Open up.
      (Veronica comes out another door)
      Veronica: I'm not in there. I never shower when Max is home, not since I found him in the hamper.

    • Angie: You're mom needs help.
      George: Shock therapy. I'll fill the bath tub with water, you get the hair dryer.

    • (George announced smoking was banned)
      Benny: I know my rights!
      George: Of course you do. They've been read to you every New Years Eve since I was seven!

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