George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 24

George Goes to Disneyland

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2004 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • George: Why are you stealing my food?
      Georges Mom: Stealing it? The way Angie cooks, I'm rescuing it.

    • George: Growing up, you never took me to Disneyland and we only lived 40 minutes away and all my friends got to go. Why didn't you ever take me?
      Benny: I took you when you were 6, don't believe me, look on the back of your arm, there's a scar from when I pulled you under the fence.
      George: You made that mark with your fingernail so the school would think I had my vaccinations.

    • Benny: I took you to Disneyland once but you were too young to enjoy it.
      George: Why don't I remember it?
      Benny: Because I hadn't had you yet.

  • Notes

    • Someone actually won prizes for watching the show!!! Here is a short article from the futon critic about the episode.

      Inspired by his financially-troubled childhood, George Lopez is giving his viewers the chance to "watch and win" their way to $10,000 cash, a family vacation to the Disneyland(r) Resort and other great prizes, on ABC -- if they watch very carefully. "We are having a contest because, with the current economy, I'd like to see somebody bring home decent money on a Friday night," commented George Lopez about this special episode that tells his real life story about never having gone to Disneyland as a child. In the episode, written by Lopez, George reluctantly agrees to reward Max with a trip to Disneyland for improving his grades, but makes up an excuse to get out of going to the park with his family because of his fear that seeing all of the families enjoying themselves will remind him of his desolate childhood. When guilt finally gets the better of him and he asks Benny for a ride, he finally, for the first time in his life, spends a day at the happiest place on earth alone with his mom. The episode features a "Watch and Win" contest in which viewers will be invited to find the hidden images of Mickey Mouse. These images could appear anywhere within the episode -- on T-shirts, ketchup bottles or as symbolic representations of Mickey Mouse's head's shape. At the show's conclusion, viewers will be asked to either mail in their entries or go to and identify the Mickey images for a chance to win. Official contest rules and information on how to enter by mail are available on The lucky grand-prize winner who accurately identifies the most Mickey images will receive $10,000 in cash and a family vacation for four to the Disneyland (r) Resort, where they will visit both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure parks, experience "Snow White - An Enchanting New Musical" and drop in to the "Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"(tm). Additionally, one hundred first runners-up will receive a TGIF beach towel just in time for summer.

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