George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 11

George is Being Elfish and Christ-misses His Family

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2005 on ABC

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  • This is my favorite George Lopez Christmas episode of all time

    I love this episode so much and I love to watch it every year when they air it on Nick@Nite. This Christmas episode is not only funny but it's also heartwarming. There were funny scenes such as when George pretends he's talking to Jack Powers on the phone and he says "where the hell is your mom?", it was funny when the Christmas carollers came by George's house and then they left because George didn't have any pants on. George is spending Christmas alone at his house and he realizes that he wants to be with his family on Christmas. I loved the heartwarming scenes with George having a flashback of Carmen's first Christmas and I thought the clay animation was funny but also heartwarming. The part that I also thought was funny was when the TV said "Are you tired of being depressed?" and George replied "Shut up". It was nice that George was back with his family at the end and it was funny how at the end the elf said "the Lopez family is back together" and then the elf misses his helicopter and says "you never leave a man behind". Overall, I had no problems with this episode and it was by far the best George Lopez Christmas episode that I have ever seen. 10/10
  • a Other good Christmas episode

    It's a other awesome Christmas episode in this episode Vic tells Angie that they are have a big family Christmas together. But George don't want to go so he lies that he haves to work on Christmas so he can spend Christmas alone. Then after what happen George seen a old Christmas episode on TV and George,Angie,Carmen,and Max are elfs Vic is Santa Clause and Benny is a Penguin and the animation is clay animation and it's funny when Benny gets ice from George's tears that turn into ice. Then George tries to get a ticket to go with Angie but their Plane was delay and it was Santa Clause and elf from Season 3 Christmas episode did it to teach George a lesson