George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 10

George is Maid to be Ruth-Less

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on ABC

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  • Hilarious episode

    I loved this episode it was one of my favorite George Lopez episodes ever. I know Benny wasn't a very good mother to George when he was a child but at least now George actually experienced what it was like to be loved so much. George and Angie decide to hire a maid but then things turned around quick when the maid was spending more time with George than cleaning up the house. I thought it was funny that the maid Ruth treated George so nicely and George saw Ruth as a mother because he was actually being loved. It was funny when Ruth made the cake and then George loved the cake and when Ruth gave George a haircut, and then I also thought it was funny when Angie and Benny came home and then George said to Angie "Evening ma'am" and then to Benny "Evening SIR". It was too bad that Ruth got freaked out at the end because Benny thought Ruth was trying to steal his son (George). It was funny when George told Benny to hug him and then Benny ran away and then Angie pretended to be Benny and hugged George. At the very last one minute of this episode, Benny actually hugged George and it was very sweet but I thought it was also funny because George tried to record them hugging but then he said "Damn, I didn't save it" and then he said "Mom, come hug me again". Overall, this was one of my favorite George Lopez episodes and it made me laugh hard. 10/10
  • George and Angie are in a neighborhood assoc. and they discover that a sexual offender lives in the neighborhood.

    This episode is poking fun of the Debra Lafave headline a young attractive teacher having a sexual relationship with a student. In a way this episode was a good one because it showed how a parent still worries when they see that their childern are in danger no matter who the person is in example a woman or a man. But to make fun of it in the beginning like talking about their hot teachers and what they could have done was not as funny. I also like how kids also have a part and can also provate a situation. So really not a bad episode.