George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 4

George Nieces a New Media Room

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the media room, George's giant portrait from "George Vows to Make Some Matri-Money" is hanging on the wall.

    • In the beginning of the episode, Ernie and George are setting up the TV in the media room, which has yet to be turned on. However, whenever the camera is on Ernie, there is clearly a picture on the TV screen, yet when both George and Ernie are shown, the TV is off again.

      Edit: Upon firther inspection, the picture is actually a photograph on the wall behind Ernie.

  • Quotes

    • George: Let's see... what do you call a girl who goes out with an older guy because he gives her things? Oh, it's on the tip of my tongue. It rhymes with "Rostitute." What...
      Veronica: Uncle George, that is not why I'm seeing him, okay? He's mature. He likes being with me. He makes me happy. I can see whoever I want to anyway.
      George: Not in my house. He's not spending the night again.
      Veronica: You would rather he take me to some sleazy motel?
      George: I'll make the reservation! (on the phone) Mom, where do you usually go?
      Benny: Wait a minute. George, he's buying her expensive things and he won't take her back to his place? She's seeing a married man.
      George: (to Veronica) Tell me you're not seeing a married guy.
      (Veronica doesn't respond)
      Max: Prostitute! That's it! That's what rhymes with "Rostitute."

    • (Mike knocks on the door, George answers)
      George: Dude, leave my niece alone. Man, you're married! And why do you have a suitcase?
      Mike: I just left my wife. I love you, Veronica. Now nothing stands between us being together.
      George: There is one thing-- WAAPAHH!
      (George shuts the door)

    • Max: (To Veronica) You know, I've been seeing this girl. I've been thinking of marrying her, that do anything for you?
      George: Max, forget it. She doesn't go for guys who walk funny.
      Max: I don't walk funny...
      George: Yeah you do, see look! (Gives Max a wedgie)

    • Veronica: I'm tired of dating guys my age, they play games and I wind up getting hurt. At least with Mike, I know it's not serious. We're just having fun. It's casual.
      George: And what about Mike's wife? Is she having fun too?
      Veronica: Oh, his wife doesn't get him anymore. She has trust issues. Every time he's working late, she thinks he's cheating.
      George: Maybe next time you're hiding under the bed, you can slide out and explain it to her.

    • George:(about Veronica) We can't even punish her by sending her to her room because she has a digital tv with high def surround sound.

    • Benny: Veronica, it warms my heart that you came all the way here to visit you're grandmother-in-law. Now why don't we did into you're trust fund and bail me out? Think about it... what would Jesus do?

    • George:(about his mom) She hasn't had a birthday without booze or men since she was eight.

    • (George is turning up the volume on his TV)
      Angie: You can't just drown me out.
      George: That's the beauty of this system Angie. Now I can.

    • Angie: George, I need to talk to you.
      George: No one talks in the George Lopez media room except Clint Eastwood and those guys begging not to be killed by Clint Eastwood.

    • George: Angie, we;ll deal with you're screwed up family later. Right now we need to get to the jail for my mom's birthday party.

    • Veronica: ...Please tell me this is stuffed and not Mike in a bunny suit.
      George: I didn't think of that. Mike, are you in there? (he picks up a gold club) Mike? (he hit the bunny between the legs) It's stuffed, or I got him.

    • George: You gotta get inside the stalker's mind. I knew this guy who was so in love with this woman, he followed her to work, left notes on her car, camped out at her house. I finally had to say, "Look, if you don't knock this off, Ernie, you're gonna go to jail!"
      Angie: That was a really uncomfortable summer for me.

    • George: Man, I told Carl in Shipping, "I'm straight!" I've gotta stop wearing those blue pants, Angie -- it's not fair to him. Apparently, he can't quit me!

    • Veronica: So I'm totally going to run out of money and I'm totally going to need a place to live.
      Angie: And I was thinking since we have this extra room...George?
      George: Why don't you totally get a job? They froze your assets, not your ass.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • George's statement about Carl in shipping -- "he can't quit me" -- is a reference to a well-known line from the movie "Brokeback Mountain."