George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 1

George Searches For A Needle In A Haight-Stack

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on ABC



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    • Zack: Cheer up! We're in San Francisco - the most romantic city in the world! Now, let's go kill this vodka.
      Carmen: All that for us?
      Zack: That's why we're going to drink in the hotel room; if you get dizzy, there'll be a bed for you to lie down on. I'll take care of you.
      Carmen: You're always thinking of me. My dad is so wrong about you!

    • George: When did I become worse than my mother?
      Ernie: What are you talking about?
      George: I grew up with my mom, and I never ran away!
      Ernie: Maybe that's cause living with Benny was like being out on the street. There was no heat, no food, and you were getting hit by a woman drinking booze out of a paper bag.
      George: When I was three, I drank my sippy cup out of a paper bag. I thought that's just how people drink things.

    • (George and Vic are setting up flyers about Carmen)
      George: We'll finish up here, then we'll head up to the Castro.
      Vic: The WHAT?!
      George: It's a neighborhood, Vic.
      Vic: How could they name a neighborhood "the Castro?" You don't see me going for falafel in the "hatred town."

    • (George and Vic are going to pick up Carmen)
      George: I'll bring her home kicking and screaming if I have to. And if you don't agree with it, don't even get in the car.
      Vic: If I didn't agree with it, would I have brought sedatives in my medical bag? Any sign of resistance, and ba bam, Carmen's out like a light.
      George: Why don't you take a few of those now and I'll wake you when we get there.

    • George: Its San Francisco. They got men and women, women and women, men and men. Says gay, its a free for all up there!

    • (George is dreaming everyone in his family is pregnant, including Max)
      Max: Dad, where is this gonna come out? Dad my water just broke, I am going into labor, I am giving birth. can you drive me to the hospital to have the baby?

    • (Zack is heard screaming and Benny runs in with a wrench)
      Benny: George, George! I found Zack and I stopped him good. (She sees Mel Powers) Ohhhhh. Mel, you're son has been in a terrible accident.

    • George: You're not going out tonight.
      Carmen: I get it, it's too soon. I'll just go to bed, but I want you to know things aren't the same. I partied with Chingy and I shared a sandwich with a homeless guy, I've done it all. So no more curfews, no more rules, I'm an adult. And tomorrow night I'm going out.
      George: (to Angie) She's right, things aren't the same, they're worse.

    • George: You were in hotel rooms, don't think I'm going to believe nothing happened.
      Carmen: Nothing did happen! You want to take me to a doctor and get me tested? I'm still a virgin.
      George: We'll go to the doctor, it's 9 o' clock at night we'll go to the emergency clinic.
      Carmen: Dad! Nothing happened!
      George: Quit lying!
      Carmen: It didn't! You raised me better than that!
      George: No I didn't, I was never there, I was always busy, I was too hard on you.
      Carmen: Yeah you were. And every time Zack tried to get me to have sex with him, I heard you telling me "Don't do anything you'd be embarrassed to tell me or your mother about".
      (George hugs Carmen)
      George: I'm sure your mother told you that but I'll take it.

    • Carmen: You were right about Zack, he was only after one thing.
      George: You know, baby I wish I could say the same thing, but I'm always going to be right.

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