George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 16

George Takes a Stroll Down Memory Pain

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on ABC



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    • Angie: (After Benny takes a wad of cash out of a book) Benny, how much money is this?
      Benny: $5,000. But you better not tell anyone what's in this book. Because I could kill you with what's in that book.

    • (Benny breaks the glass on the door and gets in)
      Benny:What did she say to you?
      Angie:I told the truth!
      Benny:Right now that you know that I loan you money you can start paying it back 1000 dollars and you what in the memo you can write for being the bestest mommy ever.
      George:that doesn't cover what you mean to me. how about to the most evil woman who stole money from her own son!
      (Benny looks shocked)
      Benny:cash would be better
      George:I found the card from Coach Trevino member? you member!
      (Benny is upset and puts her fist up)
      George:You stole 10,000 dollars from me
      Benny:No I didn't I gave Angie 10,000 dollars
      Angie:You gave me 5000.
      Benny:Your lying is becoming a sickness

    • Angie: Wow! She stole from you, but she finally admitted she needs you around. (sighs) How does that make you feel?
      George: Your not off the hook!
      Angie: Damn! I can't do nothing!

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