George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 3

George Testi-Lies for Benny

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Benny lied again! In "I Only Have Eyes for You", she insists she never sold him. In this episode, we find out she did indeed sell him.

    • George learns from Louisa that Benny tried to give George away like she did with Linda Lorenzo; however, the family that Benny tried to give George away to returned him.

  • Quotes

    • (After George found out Benny tried to give him away)
      Angie: Honey... you know how much I love you, but... I have to say... your life is really jacked up.

    • (Louisa arrives)
      Ernie: Uh-oh, she's here! You know what? I'm gonna go out the front door!
      George: Hey, you don't want to meet her?
      Ernie: Dude, she gave birth to Benny!
      (Ernie leaves)

    • Angie: This is your chance to be the bigger person--
      George: I don't wanna be the bigger person! I wanna be small and mean... like the scorpion. I'll be like that. (mimics a scorpion's pincers). I'll get you all distracted by my pincers. Oh, but she forgot about my tail! WAAPAHH! {mimics a scorpion stinging)
      Angie: Don't you realize you're consumed by your own anger? And when you sting her, your tail is gonna fall off and you'll die!
      George: That's a bee! You don't know nothing! I win.

    • George: Do you have any idea what its like to not be wanted?
      Angie: ...No. I've been wanted my entire life... Those who I didn't choose are suffering and I have to live with that. (George gives her a look) Ok, its not the same.

    • Louisa:(to Benny) I guess I'll see you at your next trial.
      Benny: Not if I see you at your funeral first.
      Louisa: I've outlived your father and brother. We'll see whose next to go.

    • Angie: I hope what you just found out isn't going to affect your testimony.
      George: Just a little at the end. "I don't think my mom should go to jail for an old robbery, when her real crime... is giving away her only son! I HATE HER, I HATE HER SO MUCH! Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the jury."

    • Angie: George, I know Benny hurt you, but this is your chance to be the bigger person.
      George:(shouting) I don't wanna be the bigger person!

    • George:(telling Max a story about Benny's childhood)... And then her father came home and beat her mother because dinner was late.
      Max: That's horrible. Did anyone beat him?
      George: Tequila and a curve on the freeway.

    • George: (After Benny yells at the jury for her sentence) Mom!
      Benny: What?!
      George: They're still sentencing.
      (Benny turns around and looks at the jury and judge)
      Benny: I'm sorry about what I said. It's the hormones, I'm pregnant. Please don't let me have my baby in jail!

    • George: My mother never committed another crime, and she's worked at the same job for 30 years, don't send her to prison.

    • Benny: The family returned you after a week for a puppy instead. They offered me money but that wasn't what it was about. I was 16 and scared, and I wanted you to have the best.
      George: Then why didn't YOU do any of the things you told the other family to do?
      Benny: I didn't think I could, you saw my mother, showing care for somebody else isn't something I learned from her.

    • George: (reading an agreement between Benny and the family she gave George to) Love him as if he were your own. Hug him and tell him you love him every day.
      Benny: I had my conditions, George.

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