George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 17

George Thinks Max's Future Is on the Line

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2007 on ABC



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    • Gina: (in the future, everybody's been laid off) Guess I'll have to go back to dancing. Good thing I've still got the body I had in '07.
      George: 1907 or 2007?
      Gina: Yeah.

    • (Gina is hitting on George)
      George: Gina, its called menopause, not men-o-keep-going.

    • George: Max can't drop out of school. But if he wants to work at the factory after he graduates, he can.
      Angie: NO! I have never given up on Max, and I'm not about to start now. That's why he's potty-trained, knows his "A,B,C's", and he can wear pants with zippers.
      George: He still gets caught, Angie. HE STILL GETS CAUGHT!

    • Gina: (George asks what if the factory closes like the rumors say) George, if the factory's closing I gotta know, because if I'm going to go back to dancing, I have to get my snake back from my sister!
      George: Max, if she had an education, she wouldn't be panicked about losing her job.

    • Benny: Seeing Max here reminds me of when I brought you here as a kid.
      George: The difference is I'll be taking him home for dinner.
      Benny: What's wrong with having dinner here?
      George: The celery out of your Bloody Mary isn't dinner.
      Benny: And a napkin isn't a tent and a straw isn't a snorkel. There's nothing sadder than a kid without an imagination.
      George: Oh no? How about a kid almost drowning because his snorkel doesn't reach above the water?

    • Angie: Max doesn't have to get into an Ivy League school, there are junior colleges, trade schools, he likes taking computers apart, maybe he can learn to put them back together.

    • Max: There's mice in there?!
      George: Well, we had something that ate them, then something ate the cat.

    • Ernie: That turtle died of a rare disease!
      George: Yeah, they have a cure for that now. It's called turtle food!

    • Angie: (about Max) George, he's too young to work at the factory.
      George: Angie, it's safe. There was one stabbing but that was over a women. That can happen on Wall Street. Maybe not with a sharpened screwdriver but, it can still happen!

    • Ernie: George, would you mind if I gave you some parenting advice?
      George: Let's see, you've never had children or a pet that's lived longer than two weeks so yeah, go for it!

    • Benny: What's all this junk?
      Angie: Max took it upon him self to upgrade our computer and now, it's broken.
      Benny: Oh, so what's your bad parenting move this time?

    • George: How do you suppose we pay for the credit card?
      Max: You put it on another credit card.
      Angie: I told you he listens to us!

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    • When discussing which movie to go see, George wants to see a movie about a FBI agent who disguises himself as a sassy black grandma, but Angie suggests a movie where a good doctor tries to stop global warming. George wanted to see Big Momma's House 2 while Angie wanted to see An Inconvenient Truth. Both films went into theaters a year before this episode premiered.