George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 6

George Thinks Vic's Fiancée is Lion about Being a Cheetah

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on ABC



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    • Vic: You are not going to believe what just happened!
      George: Let's make it a game, I bet I can top you.

    • Vic: Princess?
      Lindsay and Angie: Yes, Daddy?
      George: Oh, that's going right in the wedding toast.

    • Vic: Why is it so crazy to believe a woman like Lindsay could love me?
      George: Well, there's the tall/short thing... the hot/not hot thing... the alive/half dead thing.... I made a list the other day, of course I lost it now!

    • Vic: Are you going to plan the wedding or not? Because if the answer is "no," I'll just take my money elsewhere.
      Angie: Well I'm surprised you have any money left after everything else you bought her. The necklace, the purses, the car. Daddy, don't you think there's a chance she could be using you?
      George: Well Angie, wait a minute. He's not the victim here. Think of all the horrible things she has to do to get that stuff. Imagine being kissed all over by that mustache. It's like being run over by a street sweeper.

    • (Max makes a move on Veronica)
      George: Stop hittin' on family, man. It's just lazy.

    • (Max sees Linsey dancing)
      Max: Dad who's that?
      George: Max that's gonna be your Grandma.

    • Benny: Oh no, not the Cheaters guys again! Joey, I told you for the last time: LEAVE ME ALONE!

    • Ernie: That's why I'm a bachelor, no woman's gonna two-time me!
      George: Dude, no woman's gonna one-time you.

    • (Vic comes in with a white tuxedo)
      Vic: Chicos, give me your opinion.
      George: (Mimicking Mr. Roarke) Welcome to Fantasy Island! Places, places... (Mimics Tattoo) Boss, Boss, the plane, the plane! (Mimics Mr. Roarke) Shut up, Tattoo!

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