George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 12

George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC



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    • Angie: "Hey Mexican Kobe, finish the hot dog and get in the game!"
      George: "Don't worry about me, I grew up without That Stuff. I Was Poor Angie I Couldn't Even Go Swimming in a Swimming Pool Because My Mom Wouldn't Buy Me a Swimsuit...I Had to Swim In a Garbage Can In My Underwear....The one with the tataras where you come the tatatara."

    • Veronica: (just beat George in poker) You can learn how to play poker online. Just click on "Beginner."
      George: Yea, and you can go to and click on "Homeless."

    • (George and Ernie walk into the backyard, George sees Angie looking at the family bills)
      George: Man, I'm too late. Angie has the bills.
      Ernie: So? What's the big deal?
      George: I went a little crazy with my raise and dropped nine-hundred dollars on some new golf clubs. I was hoping to get the bill before Angie got a chance to see it.
      Ernie: You hide things you buy from your wife?!
      George: (imitating Ernie) "You hide things you buy from your wife?!" Dude, you really need to get a woman, I'm tired of explaining these things to you!

    • Angie: Can we go back to spending money because I really really want to shave my legs.
      George: Yeah, my legs want that too.

    • Angie: Something just popped, (cringing) I think I just bit an eye.
      George: It's okay, spit it out.
      Angie: (still cringing) No I'm winning!
      George: Nobody's winning, we're eating cat food in the dark!

    • Angie: So, whatcha buy for dinner?
      George: I didn't buy anything. At the back of the pantry, I found a couple of cans, of Fisherman's Feast.
      Angie: That's cat food, from when we had a cat, years ago.
      George: I know.
      Angie: It's not even real tuna. They spell it t-o-o-n-a.

    • Benny: Where is the boy who made a pillow out of grass clippings and a trash bag? Where is the boy who lived for a whole month on Halloween candy? Where is the boy who used a telephone book when we were out of toilet paper?
      George: He's somewhere in me, Mom, I can feel him!

    • George: I grew up poor, when I was a kid I couldn't go swimming at the pool because my mom couldn't afford a swim suit, I had to swim in my underwear and it was the white kind that got wet and there-it-is!

    • Angie: I ran out of deodorant, razor blades and hair dye a long time ago. (takes off her hat revealing a white streak)
      George: Ola Pepe Le Peu!
      Benny: (entering and seeing Angie's hair) Holy crap! I'm moving away veeery slowly, don't spray me.

    • Max: All I do is read and go to school. I'm like some pioneer kid from the 70's.

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