George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 20

George Vows to Make Some Matri-Money

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC



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    • Brooke: So this the first wedding you've ever planned?
      George: Yea and you're wearing a white dress. So we both stretch the truth a little.

    • Vick: I came to check out the bride's maids.
      George: Well you're out of luck Vick. The only single one isn't that easy on the eyes.
      Vick George, at this point in my life, I am looking a companion, someone to share my life with... (seeing the single bride's maid): Hay dios mio! Look at that horse face.

    • George (to Brooke): You know why god made you so pretty? To cover up all the crazy.

    • Ernie (seeing George making wedding invitations): How long have been at this?
      George: 6 hours. Would've been done faster but every five minutes or so I have to look down my pants to remind my self I'm still a man.

    • (After George accepts the challenge of planning a wedding)
      Angie: This is my favorite part. Where you're all smug right before you fail. like the time you put on your own fireworks show for the fourth of July.

    • Brooke: Everyone else has quit on me. All the good wedding planners are taken. You're my last option.
      George: It's not the first time I've been a girl's last option. And like all the other times I'll take it.

    • George: A stressed out bride is nothing. At the factory I work with ex-cons, substance abusers, and sexual harassers. And I'm not just talking about my mom, there's other people like that there too.

    • George: Women are indecisive. I know one woman who couldn't name her own kids. That's why her son's legal name is Max Victor Roberto Magic Johnson Lopez.

    • Benny: We never had wedding planners. All you had to do is get to Vegas, say your vows at the drive thru chapel and be on your way.
      George: Well Brook's situation is a little different than yours mom. First of all she's not a minor. She's not pregnant and she knows the last name of the guy she's marrying.
      Benny: I knew his last name. I just didn't know he was going to be using it for his other family too.

    • Max: Mom's planning a big wedding. So dad is doing the cooking and laundry. That's why I'm hungary and going commando.

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    • Max's Full Name: Max Victor Roberto Magic Johhnson Lopez
      The part "Magic Johnson" alludes to business man and retired Lakers point guard Magic Johnson.