George Lopez

Season 2 Episode 16

George vs. George

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2003 on ABC
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George and Angie want a loan for Carmen's schooling, but they find out they have bad credit when they go to the bank. He says that can't be right, but he finds out that it actually is another George Lopez, who owns a skateboard shop. When he finds him, he is shocked to find they have the same birthday, social security number and father. It is George's half brother. He says he came from a poor family and has no money, and dropped out of high school. But the bank calls and says Arizona State University needs him to pay back his student loan. When he confronts the other George, he finds that his father was actually rich, and that he just needed money. He understands when George makes him leave. In the end, Angie answers the phone and says it is George's father, and that the other George gave him their number. George gets up, picks the phone up, and hangs it up.moreless

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  • Another awesome episode of this show.

    This episode was awesome. George finds out he has a half brother also named George who came from his biological father Manny who left him and Benny for another family. He first thinks he is a thief and stole his identity or something. But then he finds out that they are half brothers when they show a picture of their dad who is the same person and also has the same social security number. It was hilarious when George found out that they both have the same social security number and read it out loud at the exact same time. Then the other George starts telling lies that his family was poor and he dropped out of high school But then he finds out that his father is rich and owns his own business or something. George tells him to go away and not come back. This was an interesting and exciting episode, and it filled you with curiosity and suspense of what would happen in the next part. This was one of the best and one of my favorites in the entire series.moreless
Valente Rodriguez

Valente Rodriguez

Ernesto 'Ernie' Cardenas

Belita Moreno

Belita Moreno

Benita 'Benny' Lopez

Constance Marie

Constance Marie

Angie Palmero Lopez

George Lopez

George Lopez

George Lopez

Masiela Lusha

Masiela Lusha

Carmen Conzuela Lopez

Luis Armand Garcia

Luis Armand Garcia

Max Lopez

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    • Ernie: (About other George) Look at him! It's been ten seconds and he already made her laugh. How does he do it?
      George: Well Ernie, peacocks have their feathers, a buck has his antlers, and then there are the Lopez's.
      Ernie: I wish I had antlers.

    • George: I'm going to 2396 and kick the fake George Lopez's butt!
      Angie: It's 2796!
      George: I don't care! I'm going to the 2000 block and kicking everybody's butt!

    • Ernie: I can't believe there's another George Lopez. I wonder if there's another me. I wonder if he has a better life than me.
      George: He's probably killed himself by now.

    • Angie: (Answering the telephone. To George) It's your dad. The other George gave him our number.
      (George pauses, then gets up, walks over, takes the phone, and hangs it up)

    • Angie:(to Other George) If George's father needed a birth certificate to make you legal then, that means he wasn't a citizen.
      George: But that can't be right. He'd have to be a citizen. He was married to my mom.
      (Benny gets a guilty look on her face)
      Benny: Well...
      George: YOU WEREN'T MARRIED?!
      Benny: I tried to tell you when you were two, and I tried again when you were three, but...
      George: Have you ever in your life told me one thing that was the truth? Are you my mother? Are you even a woman, 'cause there's been some talk and I'm getting tired of defending you.
      Benny: We got married. I just wanted to wait 'til I was pregnant enough to fit into my mom's wedding dress.

    • George: This is amazing. I found out from Aunt Cecelia that my dad was alive. I called every Manny Lopez in California and I couldn't find him. I was beginning to lose hope.
      Other George: Oh he's in Phoenix, he's in the book.
      George: ... And so ends a 35 year search. Who wants pudding?

    • Other George: I'm not related to her (Benny), am I?
      George: I'm already jealous of you...

    • (George and the Other George are talking about their dad)
      Angie: This is an amazing story.
      Benny: Oh yea, it's like a fairy tale. A guy knocks up a seventeen year old girl, dumps her, goes to Mexico and knocks up another girl... and in the woods, there are some animals that sing.

    • George:(to the other George) You gotta tell me about our dad.
      Benny: I already know enough about your dad. Lets talk about your mom. Exactly how big of a puta was she?
      (Angie covers Max's ears)
      Angie: Oh my God! Stop it!
      Other George: No no. It's ok. Now I know why dad named our dog 'Benny'.

    • George: (Realizing he has a brother) Do you realize what this means?
      Benny: Yeah, that your father never learned how to use a damn condom.
      George: He had another son mom. (to other George) We're half brothers.
      Other George: I got a half brother? Wow.
      Benny: Hey, why don't you find three more? Then you can be on Family Feud.

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