George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 18

George Watcha's Out For Jason

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2005 on ABC
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Episode Summary

When Angie and George discover Carmen has been going to Jason's unsupervised for the past month, they confront the couple, only to find Jason's parents are out of the country - because they've moved. When Jason goes to jail for throwing a party where drugs were brought, the police have to send him out of town, thus ruining his possible chance at a pro baseball career. Much to George's chagrin, he allows Jason to stay with the Lopez's -- as long as he and Carmen can keep their hands off each other.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Valente Rodriguez

    Valente Rodriguez

    Ernesto 'Ernie' Cardenas

    Belita Moreno

    Belita Moreno

    Benita 'Benny' Lopez

    Constance Marie

    Constance Marie

    Angie Palmero Lopez

    George Lopez

    George Lopez

    George Lopez

    Masiela Lusha

    Masiela Lusha

    Carmen Conzuela Lopez

    Luis Armand Garcia

    Luis Armand Garcia

    Max Lopez

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      • George: You know when I was your age, I used to dream about playing pro baseball.
        Jason: This is different, Mr. Lopez. I'm actually good!

      • George: Why did you lie?
        Carmen: 'Cause I knew you'd freak out if you knew Jason's parents were out of town.
        Angie: Well what kind of parents just leave their kid and then go off to live in another country? That can't be legal.
        George: No, it's not, it's called abandonment... at least that's what the cops said when they dragged my mom back from Dwana, and made her untie me from the lemon tree.

      • (George and Angie caught Carmen in Jason's house)
        George: Carmen, we talked about this! You agreed you wouldn't have sex!
        Carmen: Dad, I'm not having sex! I'm cooking and doing Jason's laundry!
        George: (to Angie) When we get home, we need to go on the internet and find out what "cooking and doing laundry" mean in slang.

      • Carmen: (to the cop) Jason can't spend the night in jail!
        George: I spent the night in jail once and nothing bad happened to me.
        Carmen: Dad this is different. Jason's pretty!

      • (George takes a picture of Benny for Carmen)
        Benny: What are you doing?
        George: Showing Carmen what a hard life of partying does, now show me your ankles. (Benny chases him out of the house)

      • George: (Shines a flashlight into Carmen's eyes) Hurts, doesn't it, drugy?
        Angie: George!
        George: Angie, her pupils are huge!
        Angie: She has dark brown eyes, that's the way they always look!
        George: Really, they're not green?

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      • In the last scene of this episode, the chalkboard on the side of the fridge appears to read, "Be the miracle!" This could possibly be a reference to the 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty.