George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 8

George's Grave Mistake Send Him to a Funeral, Holmes

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on ABC



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    • Veronica: I'll never forget all the stuff Grandma did for me. She helped me through rehab... she bailed me out when I got caught shoplifting... she didn't press charges when I stole her car and crashed it.
      George: You know, she was very proud of you. She kept your mug shot in her wallet.

    • Angie:(weakly) You used a book my mom gave me to kill a spider?
      George: I wish. I only got two of his legs. He's still out there somewhere.

    • Mary: I have 3 spaces right here, and it'll just cost you for the 1 additional spot.
      George: Oh, thank you. Thank you. How much is that?
      Mary: $15,000.
      George: 15 grand?! No way!
      Mary: Well, I'm sorry. it's the only 3 I have together. If it were my family, I wouldn't hesitate to spend the extra money. I would hate to have to go to my wife and tell her she can't spend the rest of eternity next to her mom.
      George: You're trying to guilt me. You don't know who you're dealing with. I'm a Lopez. We're born emotionally detached. We don't care about the living! You think we're gonna spend money on the dead?! We let the city take care of it. "Can you identify this body, sir?" "No, I can't. Bye, Uncle Bobby."
      (he turns to Ernie and snaps his finger)
      George: Orale, "Quincy", let's go.
      (he and Ernie leave)

    • George: Men aren't supposed to cry.
      Max: You cried during that penguin movie.
      George: The egg slipped on the ice and froze.

    • George: Did you and your mom have any unresolved conflicts?
      Angie: I wish they were unresolved. Do you know what I said when I was on the phone with her last week? I told her I never forgave her for cheating on my dad. I called her a selfish tramp. That is the last thing I ever said to my mother.
      George: Oh, I'm sorry Angie. I didn't know that.
      Angie:(crying) I can never take it back, I can never tell her I'm sorry.
      George: How many times has Carmen said she hated you?
      Angie: 47.
      George: You counted?
      Angie: Yeah, it hurt.
      George: Of all those times did you ever feel that she stopped loving you?
      Angie: ...No.

    • Ernie: One day I asked my mom for some lemonade and she started hitting me. When my aunt died, my mom said when they were kids, my aunt had a lemonade stand and my mother stole the money, and she never told her sister. So when my aunt died, my mother felt bad because she never told her. You might ask Angie if she and her mother ever had a lemonade stand, or a paper route, or some small business.

    • Benny: What were you gonna do with me when I die?
      George: Pet cemetery!

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