George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 2

George's House Has Two Empty Wombs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on ABC

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  • George and Angie contemplate parenthood.

    George finally learns that Angie was never pregnant when Vic's fiancee Lindsay blurts the secret out. George at first is upset but after Max is sent to the hospital because of alcohol poisoning, they reconsider having kids. The departure of Carmen with rumors stating that she has already left the show puts a big downer on me, because I liked her character. I hope they don't bring anybody to replace her if "Carmen" comes back from college for a visit back home. Benny is still having trouble with her new cellmates, because of this one lady who keeps bullying everybody. She tries to stay tough, but even she can't stand up to this bully. It was a pleasant surprise to see Stacy Keibler since im an avid WWE fan, to play Vic's fiancee. Although her role was short, i hear she is going to be around for a few more episodes, so i can't wait.
  • angie claims she is pregnant and angie's father has a 27 year old fiancee who is not the brightest thing ever

    i really liked this was so hilarious..spoiler..angie thought she was pregnant and didnt have the heart to tell george she wasnt b/c he already lost one kid and this would be tough on him (oh losing one kid..carmen just left home)..everything was so funny when she kept trying to seduce george and hes like freaked out and trying to get away from was also so funny with the fiancee..and then when george finds out..he kind of goes to the wrong saying shes getting fat..but they have their talk so everythings fine but still funny at the same courtesy of george