George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 2

George's House Has Two Empty Wombs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on ABC



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    • (George and Max are watching a 3D sonogram)
      Max: Gross, it looks like an alien!
      George: That's your reaction because you're a child. When you're an adult like me, you realize this is beautiful. It's the miracle of-- AHH! The alien moved!

    • Vic: I thought I raised you to value honesty.
      Angie: Well, have you told your twenty-seven fiancee how old you are yet?
      Vic: Well, my birth records are still in Cuba, so it is within the realm of possibility that I'm forty-nine.

    • (George found out Angie lied about being pregnant)
      George: Angie, how could you lie to me about something this serious?
      Angie: The test was a false positive. But I saw how excited you were about having a baby and how depressed you were about Carmen going away, I figured I could get pregnant quickly and everything would be fine. But you wouldn't have sex with me!

    • Vic: I thought you said your pregnancy was a false alarm?
      Angie: It was. But I saw how excited George was that I didn't have the heart to tell him.
      Vic: So, what are you gonna do nine months from now? Wrap a basketball in a blanket and say "Look, he's got your head?"

    • Angie: If I can get pregnant right away, George will never know.
      Vic: Well at your age, its not that easy.
      Angie: Well I'm ovulating this weekend. I'm not letting him outta that bedroom 'til I'm knocked up.
      Vic: Oh, to think I used to spoon feed apple sauce into that potty-mouth.

    • George: Aw man, look at Angie. She's in the mood again.
      Ernie: What's wrong?
      George: Ever since shes been pregnant, her hormones have been going crazy. Shes been trying to get me in bed all weekend.
      Ernie:(sarcastically) Anything else you're having problems with? Too much money? You're house too nice? How can I help you George? HOW CAN I HELP YOU?!

    • (George is refusing to sleep with Angie)
      Angie: I don't know whats wrong with you, but you've been avoiding me all day. Now get upstairs! We're doing it Alice!

    • Max: I guess this is my punishment for drinking.
      George: Your punishment hasn't even started. You're losing video games, TV, the computer. It's Amish time for you, fool!

    • Angie: Yes, I'll accept the charges.
      George: Who is it?
      Angie: I knew I'd say this at some point in our marriage. It's your mother calling from jail.

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