George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 21

George's House of Cards

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2004 on ABC

Episode Recap

George is looking forward to his poker game, but is disappointed when Angie suggests he includes Vic, who has been very depressed about his divorce with Emelina. During the game, George bets $20 and Vic raises him $50. George then surprises him with a flush. But rather paying George up front, Vic says he'll just take the $50 off his tab for the garage. But George demands he pays him. They then get into an argument in the house, in which George decides to add a tab to everything Vic does in the his house (such as using Cuban phrases) and Vic decides to quadruple George's monthly payments for the garage. But finally Vic says he is closing in his loan and is taking ownership of the family's garage, and leaves in a fit of rage.

The next day, George is angry to find Vic had put a lock on the garage door. George finds out he gave the combination to Carmen and Max and tries to get it out of them. But apparently Vic was too smart for him.

(He gave the combination to a dyslexic fifth-grader).

Later, Vic decides to give Angie the combination to the garage as long as she doesn't tell George, but says she has decided to side with her husband. No sooner, George comes to settle their debts when he walks in with $17,000 to pay off Vic for the garage. Angie asks George were he got $17,000 and George says he went to the bank and got the money from seven new credit cards he just opened. Angie is very concerned about all the interest they will have pay for all that money, and Vic tells George that he just put his family in financial trouble. George tells Vic that he doesn't know anything about being a family man because "At least his wife isn't sleeping with another man right now".

Hurt by George's words, Vic walks outside. Realizing he went too far, George goes out and apologizes to Vic. Vic then admits that he was never angry at George, and that he refused to pay George his $50 because it brought up the feeling of being taken advantage of, from when his wife cheated on him. Vic then tells George to give the money back to the credit cards and he can go back to paying him on the original plan. However, Vic only wants to know why that $50 was so important to George. In sort of a sentimental moment, George tells Vic that since his father had left him, he always thought of him like a father, and that he didn't give him something he thought he owed him brought back feelings of abandonment. But then George says it was because he had pulled a flush.

In the end, Angie joins the poker game. But she has them play for compliments. It starts out well with everybody complimenting Angie. But when Benny has the highest hand and everybody has to compliment Benny, everybody decides to fold.