George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 21

George's House of Cards

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2004 on ABC



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    • (George is refusing to let Vic play poker with him)
      George: When you play cards, Angie, it's, like, for five hours. You don't want to play with people who are annoying.
      Angie: Then why does your mom get to play?

    • Benny: (about letting Vic play poker) Hmm. Well, let's see-- a rich doctor, he can't control his emotions, and he doesn't know the game-- heh, looks like Mama's getting back teeth!

    • Benny: Oh, Vic. Hope to see you later tonight. Bring beer and plenty of cash.
      Vic: Thank you, Benny, but I do not pay for the sex.
      Benny: No, but you do pay for the house where your ex-wife and her boyfriend are doing it. So you are paying for the sex. You're just not getting any.

    • George: The garage door didn't open.
      Benny: That's weird. Maybe Vic clipped all the wires before he put that big lock on the door.
      George: What?! He can't lock me out of my own garage.
      Benny: (sarcastically) No, he can't.
      George: I'm-a get my tools. I'll cut through this thing right now.
      Benny: Yeah, you do that.
      George: You don't think I will? I'll cut through it like that.
      Benny: Yeah, and where are your tools?
      George: (realizes) Damn!

    • Angie: It's only $50. Let it go. My dad has done a lot for us.
      George: And we've done a lot for him. We let him stay here when your mom left him. Angie, I went halfway to Cuba to pull his brother out of the ocean. I comforted him when the garbage man accidentally took away his annoying conga drum.
      Angie: I thought you said that was stolen.
      George: Who knows what really happened?

    • George: (Referring to Vic) He gave the combination to a dyslexic fifth-grader. The man's an evil genius!

    • Angie: (asking where George got $17,000) Please tell me Carmen is not on a private jet to Kuwait right now!

    • Benny: This is a game of honor! (She lifts her shirt and accidentally reveals a card up her sleeve)

    • George: Mom, I got the number on your scalp. Six, six...and six!

    • Benny: (Playing Cards) Check it out boys, I gotta San Francisco Wedding ..... two queens!

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