George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 1

George's Mom Faces Hard Tambien

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on ABC
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Episode Summary

George tries to help Benny with her trial, but she keeps lying to the authorities.

Angie is pregnant.

Carmen's ready to go to college.

Vic is celebrating his engagement.

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  • Perfect Season 6 premiere for the final season of the funniest sitcom "George Lopez"

    I thought that this was a perfect episode of "George Lopez". George and Angie mentioned Carmen preparing to go to college but Carmen never actually made a live appearance in this episode but she was in the flashbacks at the end of this episode (which I will tell you more about towards the end of this review. I thought it was funny when George was lying to the cops about Benny and then Benny told George "I never want to see you again" and then George said "So who's gonna bail you out" and then Benny said "I'll see you one last time". I thought it was hilarious when Angie said "I'm pregnant" and then George said "How do you know I'm not-" and then Angie yelled "GEORGE". It was funny when Benny was scared of one of the inmates. It was hilarious when Max has a hangover after having his first beer and then George tries to gross Max out so that Max could throw up. It was hilarious when Vic said "You can't accept the fact that I'm marrying a woman who is 27", then George says "I can accept the fact that she is 27 but Vic what I'm not so sure is that is she really a woman?" George paused for a second or two and then said "When you asked her to marry you, did she look in your eyes and say I WILL (in a deep voice)". It was also cool that Adam West guest starred as Benny's lawyer. It cracked me up so hard when Benny's lawyer (Adam West) said "Last night, I had a romantic day with my secretary in the office, my wife called... I told her I couldn't come home because I had something on my desk that needed my attention... now did I lie?" and then George responded "Cochino, yeah you lied". It was funny when Benny had to tell the judge what happened when she committed a crime 30 years ago and Benny was lying to the court. It was funny when George said "Your honor I demand that this case would be thrown out", and then the judge says "On what grounds?", George pauses for 5 seconds and then says "Due to my mom's sexual history, etc." Of course it was hilarious when George said "I could never do nothing in court". It was so funny when Benny was wearing the same shirt that she was when she committed the crime 30 years ago as shown in the photo while in court. Also, Angie found out that she wasn't pregnant. When George missed Carmen's flight to college because he got held up in court, he had flashbacks of Carmen and it made me smile and cry at the same time, it was the most heartwarming scene in this episode (which was at the very end of this episode). Overall, this was a hilarious first episode of Season 6 and the ending was heartwarming. 10/10moreless
  • George Lopez is back!!

    And what a great episode to start it off. An emotional time for the Lopez family as Carmen is heading off to college. She does not appear in this episode but her absence can already been felt throughout the show. Angie finds out she isn't pregnant and is somewhat depressed. She knows George would be relieved that there's no more children, because he doesn't believe they can pay the bills. However, George changes his mind in the end when Carmen's tiara brings back fond memories of her childhood, and George is inspired to become a father again. In other news, Benny could not escape the justice system as she is arraigned for trial. Her tactics to persuade the judge that she is innocent was hilarious. She was trying to make herself look like a saint, but the prosecution had definitive proof that she was at the scene of the crime. Great episode overall, as i feared George Lopez would have been canceled. It was a long wait but it's good to see that the value of the show has remain intact.moreless
Marilyn Milian

Marilyn Milian

Judge Alvarez

Guest Star

Masiela Lusha

Masiela Lusha

Carmen Lopez (archive footage (uncredited))


Adam West

Adam West

Jonathan K. Martin

Special Guest Star

Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson

Officer Robinson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • George tells Betty to "Jump into her pocket you'll be safe" Betty can't hear that the glass is sound proof.

    • Prosecutor: We have a videotape from the parking lot security camera. We have blown up the tape and you can see the defendant laughing and stuffing money into her bra. Also, she is wearing the same shirt she is wearing now!
      (Benny looks down at her shirt, then incredulously at the photo.)
      Judge: Trial is set for three weeks from today.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Benny: George, if you bail me out then I won't have to worry about going to prison, because I'll be in Mexico by sunup.
      George: Mom if I thought you'd stay in Mexico, it would be worth loosing my house.

    • (George is waiting to talk to Benny in jail)
      Benny: What took you so long? Why the hell am I still in here?
      (George tells her to pick up the phone and she does)
      Benny: What took you so long? Why the hell am I still in here?
      George: Mom I went to a bail bonds place. They say I have to give up my house as collateral in case you skip bail.
      Benny: And?

    • George: You told me my dad was dead. You didn't tell me I had a sister. You made me dress up like a girl so we could get in free for mother-daughter day at the track!
      Benny: Whats your point?
      George: I still sit when I pee!

    • (Benny was arrested and Angie is pregnant)
      George: I got one in jail and one in the oven.

    • (Angie needs to speak to George while Ernie is drinking a soda next to them)
      Angie: Ernie, could you give us some privacy?
      Ernie: I just opened this. I could put it in the refrigerator, but it won't be fizzy later. (George glares at Ernie) Oh, you have that "Get Out" look.
      George: Do you need to hear it?
      Ernie: I'm out!

    • George: Why didn't you tell me they were moving the factory?
      Ernie: I left you a message.
      George: Dude, I don't listen to your messages anymore.
      Ernie: Why?
      George: Dude, you call me every time you see a hot girl on the freeway. Then, you take up 5 minutes of my voice mail saying "George, George, George!"

    • George: (the cops said they just wanted to question Benny but arrested her on sight) Hey you lied to me! That's why nobody likes cops. You never see a fireman saying "Jump" and then he takes away the trampoline thing!

    • George: Don't worry Mom. I won't let them keep you down there.
      Benny: Yeah right. Last time you said that I spent the night in jail.
      George: I was five.

    • George: We've raised this bird since birth. We just need to give her a slight nudge, she'll either fly... or she'll fall in the backyard and the neighbor's cat will eat half her body.

    • Johnathon: (Making a point about lying in court) Last night, I had an affair with my lovely secretary. My wife called and I said "I can't make it, there's something on my desk that needs my attention." Now, did I lie?
      George: COCHINO! Yeah, you lied!

  • NOTES (2)