George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 21

George's Relatively Bad Idea

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2005 on ABC



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    • Ernie: The only reason George let him go out with Linda is because Vic gave him two thousand dollars.
      George: DUDE!!!
      Angie: WHAT?!
      Linda: You pimped me out for two thousand dollars?!
      George: Why you gotta say it that negative?

    • (Angie and Vic are dragging in suitcases)
      Angie: Daddy's gonna stay here while they tend his condo for termites.
      George: You don't need exterminators Vic. Just get all the bugs together and tell them stories about Cuba. They'll kill themselves.

    • (Benny and Ernie see Vic's dyed hair)
      Benny: Don't move. There's a black cat on Vic's head. Probably after the little black mouse under his nose.

    • Angie: I should go with daddy to his cardiologist dinner.
      Vic: That is sweet, but no. It would be too hard for me seeing you in a room full of people you should have married.
      George: Yeah, I guess Angie could have married a cardiologist. Got divorced, taken half his money, hooked up with some young stud... Oh, that's what you're wife did. Did I hit a nerve?

    • Vic: I want to date you're sister, and I'm going to.
      George: No you're not, because I forbid it!
      Vic: Forbid?! Oh, no no no no no. You do not use that word on Victor Garcia Lantigua Palmero, Castro forbid me from leaving the island, but I did it! My parents forbid me from marrying Emilina, but I did it! The president of my condo association forbid me from having pets, but I feed stray cats every night! I do what I want!

    • George: Linda, just picture Christmas. The kids are opening presents and... Grandpa is filling up Aunt Linda under the mistletoe. Its not right!

    • George: Linda, he (Vic) kissed our mommy. And I don't mean a peck on the cheek, I mean full on mustache to mustache.
      Linda: What?!
      Angie: Daddy?

    • George: I use to dream that I had a big family like the ones on TV. I remember yelling at the screen "Eight's not enough adopt a little Mexican boy!"

    • George: You're offering me two thousand dollars to set you up on a date with my sister?
      Vic: I said one thousand dollars.
      George: I'm selling you my sister man. Don't low ball me.

    • George:(reading a question on dinosaurs) Come on Mom, think back. Which one did you fight for food?

    • George: Did you kiss Vic?
      Benny:(to Ernie) You're dead meat, Chatty Cathie.
      George: Mom, I don't get it. I thought you couldn't stand him.
      Benny: George, George, we were drunk, and we were watching boxing. And well, you know how booze... an sweaty guys get my horses running.
      George:(looking sickened) Actually, I didn't, but thank you mommy.

    • Ernie:(about Linda and Vic) So its too awkward for her to date someone whose like family, but its ok when its someone who is family?!
      George: There was two thousand dollars in it for me man. It wasn't even a real date. I never thought they were gonna end up kissing.
      Ernie: He kissed her too? Gollie! First your mom, then your sister. That's low class George.
      George: What do you mean my mom?
      Ernie: When you guys went to Colorado. I walked in on them George, it was horrible. It was like a giant fish sucking a broom.

    • (Vic walks in with black eyebrows and mustache)
      George: Vic, I'm gonna ask you flat out: when did you fall head first into the La Brea Tar Pits?

    • Vic: George, I'm sure I would make quite an impression with your sister on my arm. Do you think Linda would accompany me?
      George: No way! She's part of the family Vic. I'm just getting to know her. What's she gonna think: "Welcome to the Lopezs. Firday night we play board games. Saturday night is for inbreeding.

    • Angie: Why is my dad kissing your sister?!
      George: Did I mention I got the garage paid off?

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    • "Chatty Cathy" was a doll manufactured by the Mattel toy company in 1959. It was one of the first ever talking dolls, being able to speak different phrases when you pulled the little ring on the back.