George Lopez

Season 2 Episode 15

Girl Fight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2003 on ABC

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  • Sad

    Carmen is known as the school "Wh%$e" because she dumped her boyfriend, and he spreads gossip about her. Things get worse and worse, and when George tries to fix this, he learns the only person who can help is his old bully.

    Soon Carmen's reputation is completely trashed, and she is forced to go to a different school.

    Some people may hate this episode, but I really like it. It had classic George Lopez humor, and it was sadder then most episodes of the series. Not my all-time favorite episode, but it is a really well-written and serious episode, and I applaud it for that
  • Holy Cheese on a Cheesecake! What an emotional episode!

    I have enjoyed watching this show for a while, and Carmen was always my favorite character (Next to Benny and Ernie). And this episode made me feel so sorry for her. I actually first started watching the show when she was in the private school, and I was wondering why she wasn't in public school, and, oh boy, this episode answered my question. Even being a boy,I totally understand what it is like to be called a school "Sl*t and Wh*re", and I felt so sorry for her at the end when she said what happened to her at school, especially with the boys. I mean, following her into the GIRLS bathroom for sex, that's sexual harassment, and pulling up her shirt, That's Out And Out Sexual Assualt! I actually had mixed emotions for this episode, in the beginning with Max telling George and Angie that Carmen cut class, and the look Carmen gives him before he runs out of the house in fear! lol I burst out laughing. But that all went down hill when we discovered the "Carmen Hopez" on the window, and when said to Piper, "Screw You Piper!", I really started hoping Carmen would kick the bullies sorry butts, but at the end, I cried along with her. Another great episode, possibly one of my favorites! 10/10!
  • OH.......MY......GOD!!!!

    What an ageist and sexist episode! While girls might think of this as a strong, powerful episode that teaches a lesson in sexual harrassment, us guys just find it as discrimination. Sheesh, teenage guys are not *that* abusive!

    Ever since that "Woman's Rights" bill was passed, guys have been disrespected for many years. This is just another thing to give people a reason to keep disrespecting them. It's thanks to stuff like this that people think of guys as a bunch of girl abusers.

    Why am I talking specifically guys? Because if Carmen was labeled as the "School Wh*re", then it would be specifically guys who are picking on her. Why would a girl want to have sex with another girl?

    This episode was kind of unrealistic, too. First of all, how would those guys be able to reach the Lopezes' home phone number? And I don't know how a guy would be able to follow a girl into the girls' bathroom without getting caught. That sounds a little farfetched, in my opinion.

    Overall, I wish they never made this episode in the first place. Guys have been disrespected for many years now and people should not be given another stupid reason like this to keep disrespecting them. With stuff like this on the air, I don't know if I'll ever get a girlfriend.
  • i feel so bad. imagine being in this situation?

    omg, this episode was very well acted, soo sad though, i cant believe she ended up going to private school. all of those names they called her and what they put on the house. if i was carmen, i would of been like in shock, humliated, embarrased, and soo pissed. especially if my friends did to me what her friends did to her. atleast now she can have a peaceful life, without that school. i really like this show and this episode was really really really really really good. this was really well written, and an amzing episode. all it was was annoying, because of what they wwere doing to her.
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