George Lopez

Season 2 Episode 4

Halloween Cheer

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2002 on ABC



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    • Angie: She needs to be in extracurricular activity. If you're always busy, you don't have time to get in trouble. I read in a report that the most underaged drinking, teenaged sex and hooliganism occurs between 3 and 6 P.M.
      George: Hooliganism? How old is this report?
      (later they find Carmen smoking)
      Carmen: I took them from Grandma's purse, I was just going to try one and see what it was like.
      Angie: When did you take them?
      Carmen: I don't know, sometime between 3 and 6 P.M.

    • (Angie, walks in and sees George and Max on the floor covered in fake blood)
      George:(George raises his hand to Angie)Find out who did this. Avenge me!
      Max: Avenge me too!
      George:(to Angie)Don't worry we'll be together in the next world....unless Selma Hayek gets there before you.
      Angie:(to George) Hey we said until death tears us apart after that your on your own.

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