George Lopez

Season 1 Episode 3

Happy Birthdays

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2002 on ABC

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  • My dad's all-time favorite episode of "George Lopez". One of my favorite episodes of "George Lopez"


    My dad and I loved watching "George Lopez" together and now that he is gone, I have no one to watch the show and laugh together with. Well, my brother watches this show with me as well but he only watches it with me sometimes. Anyways, this is one of the reviews that I want to dedicate to my father. This is my dad's all-time favorite episode and one of my favorite episodes. My dad and I watch this episode (I don't know how many times) and we still laugh hard at this episode. George not wanting a birthday party from his family was very funny. Max following George's footsteps and not wanting to have a birthday party as well was pretty funny. My dad and I would also laugh very hard at George getting mad at Angie because of the birthday costs and then Angie says something like "I just wanted to give you a good birthday you big stupid jerk" and then George would say "Hey baby, I'm sorry... I'm not mad at you anymore". More parts made me and my father laugh very hard. George deciding to throw Max his 10th birthday party was nice and it was funny when Ernie is a clown and saying that those are his real ears. OMG, the part that would always make me and my dad laugh the hardest was when George was dancing with Papa Stuff. Overall, my dad's all-time favorite episode and one of my favorite episodes. 10/10

    I DEDICATE this review to my father Roberto Estrada: June 12th, 1965-September 26th, 2011