George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 4

Home Sweet Homeschool

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on ABC



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    • Carmen: (to Angie) So now you're accusing me of cheating? This is hell! I can't take it anymore! There's no breaks, no one to talk to, it's just you all day! Have you ever spent eight hours with yourself?! No wonder Dad always hides in the garage.
      George: I'm not hiding, I'm working.
      Carmen: It doesn't take 3 years to build a bird house.
      George: It does if you're doing it southern plantation style.

    • Carmen: (after Angie asks a hard questions) That's not fair!
      Angie: Tell it to the chicken!

    • Angie: Well, George, I do have time now because I'm not working.
      George: But homeschooling, Angie, that's a big commitment. Remember that special moment every morning when Carmen finally leaves for school and you say, "Thank god she's gone!"? You won't have that anymore!

    • George: My daughter's gonna be class president, valedictorian, prom queen, everything she can't be with those other kids around!

    • Angie: You saw me in my dress before I hid didn't you? That's when the bad luck started!
      George: Sure, Angie. I ruined our string of bad luck with our dyslexic son, our run away daughter, and my mother who shows no sign of aging or disease what so ever....
      (Benny walks by coughing) A window just opened!

    • George: You know what you always say to me when I'm down? A door may have closed, but a window just opened!
      Angie: Am I really that annoying?
      George: Let's not go there while you're down.

    • Max:Why are you trying on your dress now?
      Angie: I'm trying it on once a week to remind myself not to eat anything that tastes good!

    • Carmen: Home school! Mom could teach me!
      George: Why should she be punished?

    • Max : I'm not 6 anymore I know that "later later" means never!
      George: Good boy, now go and um color or something.

    • ( While talking about Carmen's schooling)
      George: Not even professionals could teach Carmen. They're thinking about changing the slogan from "No child left behind" to "She's not watching, RUN!!

    • Carmen: It doesn't take 3 years to build a birdhouse!
      George: It does if you do it western manufacturer style!

    • (While talking about how they can home school Max to.)
      George: How would you like going to prom with your sister in the garage!?
      Max: Thats the kind of girl you get after you drop off your real date.

    • Benny: It took you forever to read one page in a book!
      George: I was dyslexic!!
      Benny: Excuses! George, I did the alphabet backwards with the cops flashlight in my eyes, and you could not even find out that Frog and Toad were friends!

  • Notes

    • When George says something along the lines of 'Bottle water didn't seem to be such a great idea back then' there is actually a bottle of water in the background.

  • Allusions

    • No Child Left Behind
      A 2001 U.S. federal law that set to reform the primary and secondary education system.