George Lopez

Season 2 Episode 21

I Only Have Eyes for You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on ABC
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Carmen's friend is over to study and wants to change out of her dress. When Max hears this, he pulls a poster off his wall to reveal a hole. He looks through but Carmen sees him and sprays perfume in his eyes. George shrugs it off and tells Max not to do it again. Carmen gets revenge though by taking a picture of Max sleeping with a stuffed animal. This leads Max to be beaten up at school. While getting stitches, George and Carmen argue and Carmen says George loves Max more. George comes to realize that maybe that is true since he doesn't understand Carmen as well, so he sets off to spend some quality time with her.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Valente Rodriguez

    Valente Rodriguez

    Ernesto 'Ernie' Cardenas

    Belita Moreno

    Belita Moreno

    Benita 'Benny' Lopez

    Constance Marie

    Constance Marie

    Angie Palmero Lopez

    George Lopez

    George Lopez

    George Lopez

    Masiela Lusha

    Masiela Lusha

    Carmen Conzuela Lopez

    Luis Armand Garcia

    Luis Armand Garcia

    Max Lopez

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      • Benny: You do treat the boy better. But Carmen's just gonna have to get used to that.
        George: Mom!
        Benny: This society has a way of always screwing over the woman. I couldn't tell how many times I thought my life would be easier if I had something dangling between my legs.

      • Benny: (After removing Max's stitches too early and her hand comes out covered in blood. We're gonna go to the hospital.

        Max: How come?

        Benny: So I can show him what a good job I did.

      • George: Look, this is the worst thing you've ever done. Your brother's in a hospital bed with stitches in his head because of you!
        Carmen: I just wanted to teach him a lesson. I didn't know he'd get hurt.
        George: Look, I'm not worried about his head. That'll heal. But nobody's ever gonna forget that picture. Every time he walks down the hall in school, they're gonna be callin' him a sissy and a wuss and a bunny-hugger.
        Max: (from the other side) I can hear you!

      • Benny: (about Max) Peeping at girls, getting into fights. Boy when that kids juevos drop, its like thunder!

      • George: Carmen, I want to talk to you. Come on, let's go for a ride.
        Carmen: (suspiciously) Am I coming back?
        George: As long as you're a tax deduction, you'll always be safe in my house.

      • (while Max is getting stitches)
        George: (to Carmen) Look, maybe you didn't understand when I said nobody hurts anybody in this family, so let me make it clearer. Okay? No phone, no e-mail, and no TV for a month!
        Carmen: What!? I'm getting more punishments?! Why do I even talk to you?! You always take Max's side! He's "the golden child"!
        (she storms away)
        George: Hey, don't walk away from me!
        Carmen: Why? You don't need me. You've got Max. You love him more than you love me, anyway.
        (she leaves)
        Max: (to George) We really are better off without her.

      • Benny: Men are the warriors, the hunters, the money earners. That's why boys are treated like princes.
        George: What are you talking about, you crazy old bat?! You never treated me like a prince!
        Benny: Hey, did you eat everyday?
        George: No.
        Benny: Well, what do you know. You know what? At least I didn't sell you. And there was a lady at Pick'N Save who kept asking.
        George: Wait, what Pick'N Save? Maybe it's not too late.

      • (having a father-daughter talk while driving)
        Carmen: Where are we going?
        George: I just want to talk. And the first thing I want to say is I should've punished Max a lot more than I did.
        Carmen: (sarcastically) Well, I should call the newspaper. "George Lopez Admits When He's Wrong."
        George: (murmur) Be the adult, be the adult. Ok look, maybe I went easier on Max because I know why he peeped. I was a boy. I get that. I don't get you anymore. I did when you were a little girl 'cause you were just like a little boy except you never got caught on your zipper.
        Carmen: Well, I'm not a little boy or a little girl anymore. I'd like a little privacy. And I'd like some respect.
        George: That's fair.
        Carmen: And I'd like my feelings listened to.
        George: Ooh, that's a tough one.
        Carmen: Why?
        George: Because everything's a crisis with you. There are no small problems. I'm on overload, Carmen. I mean, I thought teenagers were supposed to lock themselves in their rooms and never talk to their parents. I was kinda looking forward to that.
        Carmen: Well, I'm sorry I tell you all my problems.
        George: No, you shouldn't be. I have to get better at this.
        George: Look, I promise to start listening to your feelings if you promise not to have so MANY of them.
        Carmen: Deal.
        George: And don't ever think I love Max more than I love you. 'Cause that's not right.
        Carmen: (voice breaking) Okay.
        George: Why are you crying?
        Carmen: I'm happy.
        George: (voice breaking) I got you this cell phone to make up for everything. Stop crying.
        Carmen: (crying) Oh my god. It's a cell phone! (hugs George)
        George: (crying; to the car beside him at the light) Hey, what are you looking at? We're feeling in here! Go, man! The light's green.

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