George Lopez

Season 2 Episode 21

I Only Have Eyes for You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on ABC

Episode Recap

Carmen comes home on her first day and brings home a friend no one expected of her. so she brings her up to her room to hang out. her friend, Olivia, wants to change and Carmen looks through her closet. she sees that max had a hole in the wall and that he was spying on them changing so she pokes his eye in the hole. George punishes Carmen and lets max off with a warning. that night, Carmen frames max sleeping with her bunny and posts it at his school. some kids come and beat up max, enough to make his head bleed. Carmen gets in trouble when George finds out she put the picture up. Carmen, max, Angie, and Benny says George treats max better. George makes it up to Carmen by saying he's not used to all the teen problems she has and never expected it. he then gives her a new cellphone and they cry. he wonders who the kids like better, him or Angie, and tells max that he should like him better. Benny tries to help by removing stitches from max, but the wound starts bleeding so she takes him to the hospital to fix it.
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