George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 22

It's a Cliffhanger, By George

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • This is the 5th season finale. The whole family faces separate problems from Angie's pregnancy test to Benny's past crimes have caught up to her, Carmen is nervous about her college acceptance letters, Vic proposes to a younger woman, the factory gets shu

    Great show indeed. usually i feel that george lopez does not have much action in one show, but this episode proved me wrong. i admit it is kind of improbable to believe that all these things happen, from benny running from the law and the company moving to mexico. There are other conflicts like max sneaking off into his bedroom with his first beer, and carmen stressing out because her first two colleges did not accept her, and she fears her last choice will reject her too. But overall, it works for me, as it is...a cliffhanger. honestly i dont think the show will come back, because this is what happen to my wife and kids. They also ended with a cliffhanger, but was abruptly canceled due to decent ratings. George lopez is suffering the same fate, and most likely will be axed, but this would be a good way to end the show, on a good note.
  • Different Cliffhangers For All

    This episode has different cliffhangers for all characters:

    George: Sets Benny up with an ex-boyfriend, who turns out to be a crook. And apparently Benny drove a getaway car for him 30 some years ago. Will George tell police and turn his mother in?

    Angie- is she pregnant? Her father thinks so...

    Max- first beer? 14? Really?

    Carmen- gets rejected from her choice colleges. Gets one more. Will she be accepted?

    Benny- Will George tell the police?

    Vic- Proposes to his 27 year old girlfriend.

    Ernie- finds out that the factory is moving... to Mexico.

    This episode had a lot of different set cliffhangers, all to be cleared up in the next episode. Hilarious, and very well-written
  • Season Finaly

    When I was watching dis episode I couldnt wait to see wat will happen next.Its very exciting. Unfortanatly the episode dat concludes dis episode is the first episode of da next season.I cant wait its so exciting especially the part of wat will happen to Georges mom will she go to jail or will somethin else happen to find out stay tuned to George Lopez.