George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 22

It's a Cliffhanger, By George

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Benny's "EX" at the liquor had his mask up and was talking with George, the store clerk could have easily ID him when he was being robbed by Benny's EX.

    • Benny is a felon after being part of a crime in another state.

  • Quotes

    • George: I gotta go find my mom! I just sent her out with an armed robber!
      Angie: George, he could kidnap her or kill her!
      George: Don't try ta talk me out of it Angie. I still gotta find her.

    • (Angie might be pregnant)
      George: But what about Carmen's old room? That was gonna be my new home theatre.
      Angie: You are so selfish! What about whats gonna happen to my body?!

    • (Benny is panicking over being arrested for a crime she committed)
      George: Mom, that was a long time ago. There's a stature of limitations.
      Benny: George, it was in Arizona, I crossed state lines. They can bust me anytime... George, they don't allow cigarettes in prison anymore! I WILL DIE!

    • Angie: Well, Brad, I might be giving you what Jennifer wouldn't.
      George: A Cambodian kid?!
      Angie: NO! I might be pregnant.
      George: What? Oh, hell no. HELL NO! You better hope Brad and Angelina want another Mexican boy for their collection because I'm not raising another one!

    • Ernie: And the cashier said he saw the robber talking to a Mexican dude with his little girl right before he robbed the place.
      George: DAMMIT! Max needs a haircut!

    • Eddie: Hello Benita. You're as beautiful as the day as you chased me out of your house with a hot iron. You know I still have that triangle on my ass.
      Benny: Considering where I was aiming, you're real lucky you turned around.

    • Angie: George, Your mom's perfect man might not be in LA. He could be in a trailer in North Carolina, or a trailer in Wyoming or a trailer in Alabama.
      George: I got it. Operation take out the trash.

    • Angie: We were worried about you. He was armed.
      Benny: Please he shot fewer people than the vice-president.

    • George: Mom, you haven't done anything wrong.
      Benny: Well...
      George: Oh no mom, what did you do? Rob a place, shoot someone? I know, you flashed someone and they killed themselves.

    • Carmen: I just got my letter from Northern Vermont. But I'm afraid to open it. This is my last shot mom, not just for an education, for freedom. I can't party and pierce things in this house. I need to go away.

    • Ernie: Don't keep things from me. I'm your friend. You need to tell me the truth.

      George: Okay fine. I submitted your name to Extreme Makeover. They might be able to do something about those ears. Might.

    • (Benny catches Max taking a beer up to his room)
      Max: I'm bringing you a beer because I love you grandma.
      Benny: And I'm going to drink this beer because I love it.

    • Max: But most of my friends have already gotten drunk. I wanna see what it feels like.
      George: Let me tell you a tragic story about someone who started drinking at your age. Grandma. The end.

    • George: You need help getting a good man. Somebody who won't turn to you at last call and say to you 'hey buddy why don't we go out and get a couple of chicks?'

    • Vic (to Benny): You will, however, die alone with your underwear full of cobwebs.

    • Angie: You haven't had a real relationship in over a year. Maybe it's time to throw your net out there and see what you can catch.
      George: Angie please, my mom already caught enough things from dating.

    • George (adding to Benny's online dating profile): Hobbies?
      Benny: Drinking, smoking, gambling.
      George: Ideal companion?
      Benny: Drinker. Smoker, Gambler.

    • Vic: Last night was our first date and it was magical. She says I am the most handsome man she has ever seen.
      Benny: That's so nice. So when you kissed her goodnight did her seeing eye dog growl?

    • Vic: It's a beautiful day. The sun is brighter and the roses smell fresher. and does anyone know why?
      George: You clipped your eyebrows and mustache so you can actually see and smell things now
      Vic: Oh mack all you want I can't hear you today.
      George: Well you had the trimmers out bro, you should have done your ears man.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Benny: [Referring to Randy] Please! He shot fewer people than the vice-president.

      Benny is referring to an incident with the then Vice President Dick Cheney. On February 11th, 2006, Cheny accidently shot Harry Whittington, a Texas attorney, in his face, neck and torso when he was attempting to shoot a quail while hunting.

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