George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 18

Jason Tutors Max

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2004 on ABC

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  • This episode was awesome.

    This episode was awesome because I found it to be very creative and well written. The plot was well developed and built upon as the episode continued on. Max gets a hot tutor for math, but Max is too distracted by her beautiful and gorgeous looks to actually pay attention. So George lets her go and hires Jason to tutor Max not only in math, but also in every other subject as well. But Carmen gets mad at Jason for not spending enough time with her, and they get into a fight and break up. While Jason is tutoring Max, Carmen tries to make him jealous by bringing another boy named Brad and kissing him in front of him. Jason leaves and does not come back because he can't handle his anger of her being this way. They get back together at the end though, and he does go back to tutoring Max again. The most funny part of this episode is when Angie asks Carmen if she got back together with Jason by talking and working things out, and when Carmen tells her no and that he told her he loves her and they started making out. And then George is like, "Oh-la-lay." Overall, this episode was awesome. It still kind of felt like it needed more to it, but there's not much else you can add to an episode like this. So I can't really complain. The plot was pretty simplistic and standard. It was nothing extraordinary, but I still thought it was an awesome episode that delivered what it was supposed to and succeeded in its attempt to bring out effort and potential. It was hilarious, there was lots of humor in it, and it filled you with suspense and curiosity when watching. I loved this episode and enjoyed it to its fullest. I would give it a 90 out of 100, which is an A- in my book.
  • max gets a new tutor and this hurts carmen's relationship with jason

    it was a very interesting ep to the whole thing was funny but there were of course the gasp moments and sad moments as always..lucky for us its georges show so u know something funny has to come next..spoiler..benny was as always funny..she put max down just like we see her put george down and we can see her putting him down as a kid too lol...carmen just doesnt know how to handle all things lol but thank goodness she and jason got back together in the end..but of course there were the aww moments when they broke up and she tried to make him jealous..other than that it was hilarious