George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 2

Landlord Almighty

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2004 on ABC

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  • This episode was great and was one of the better ones.

    This was a funny episode. I love the episodes that are focused more on the kids. George becomes Carmen's landlord when he wouldn't let her redecorate her room and when she told him that she wants to be treated like an adult. It taught Carmen that no rules doesn't come without a price. She needs to be a responsible adult and pay rent, bills, and buy her own food. That was his plan to get her back to being a kid again. Even after all the sufferance that she goes through at home when George will not feed her and she does not earn enough money to pay rent and bils, she does not crack despite everything becoming too unfair and overwhelming to deal with. She takes advantage of the situation by bringing in a roommate and sneaking out of the house late at night past curfew. But hey, that was part of the deal. If she accepts the responsibilities of being an adult, she gets to do whatever she wants and there are no rules. I thought it was funny when Angie told Carmen she has mail and sneaked a slice of pizza to Carmen to bring up to her room behind George's back. She said, "go to your room and eat your mail." George found out. Wow, way to give it away Angie. But Carmen already gave it away before that when she got excited and said out loud, "thank you so much." Way to give it away Carmen. But the most funny part was when Angie said to George,"if you had just let Carmen redo her room, she wouldn't be paying rent, and she wouldn't be going out to god knows where right now," and George was in bed and was like, "What?" He said it in a funny way like he didn't hear a word she just said. Oh George. Will Carmen go back to living under their rules and being treated like a kid again? Watch this episode to find out. This episode was great and was one of the better ones.
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