George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 2

Landlord Almighty

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2004 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When George comes into his bedroom, he closes the door, then the camera goes to Angie, then back to George, then to Angie, and when it comes back to George again, the door is open.

  • Quotes

    • Carmen: You know, I still have my bag packed upstairs.
      Angie: Then go get it.
      Carmen: ...You don't mean that.
      Angie: Yeah, I do, because having you stay out all night at parties is NO different than having you run away.

    • Benny: (to George) I've added up how much it cost to raise you minus what you mean to me and you owe me $275.

    • George: (to Carmen) I know it's none of my business because you're a tenant but, have you ever considered clown shoes?

    • George: (to Angie) Carmen, now has her own Carmen! Night night!

    • George: (about Carmen) How old was she that summer I really liked her?
      Angie: Six!

    • George: Any problems with the building? Take it up with the super. He's in the next room, and he's eleven!

    • George: You want to be treated like an adult?
      Carmen: Uh, yeah!
      George: Ok, the rent's due the first of the month!

    • Angie: How could I miss a four foot putt? I make those all the time at miniature golf!
      George: Without that little windmill your game is kinda off, isn't it?

    • Carmen: (about the manikin in the wall) The manikin represents my spirit trying to get out of a spiritual prison
      George: Is your spirit so dumb it can't use the door?

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