George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 11

Prescription For Trouble

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

A couple of nights before her 16th birthday, Carmen asks George and Angie for birthcontrol pills. Angie and George refuse, even though Carmen assures them she doesn't intend to have sex. They also immediately assume Jason, who Carmen resently got back together with, is pressuring her to have sex.

The next day, George ambushes Jason as he comes over to their house. After being interrogated by George, Jason still doesn't know whats going on. George accuses him of pressuring Carmen to have sex and getting her to ask them for birthcontrol pills. Jason is shocked by this, and claims that he had no idea Carmen asked that. Jason also says he would never pressure Carmen into anything, especially since he's "walking on eggshells" with her already. George believes him, but is immediately disturbed beause he realizes that having sex was really Carmen's idea.

That night, Angie is shocked to learn that Carmen is the one pressuring Jason to have sex. Max walks in, saying he has a stomach ache from eating mints Carmen had in her room. They call Carmen in, and Max says he ate five, "Monday through Friday." George and Angie, to their horror, realize that Max ate birthcontrol pills that Carmen had smuggled into the house.

After calling poison control and finding out Max will be ok, George finds and disposes of the birthcontrol pills. When they question her about how she got them, Carmen only says she was taken by someone to the free clinic. They immediately assume it was Jason, but Max says it was Benny. At that moment, Benny walks in (she, Vic and Ernie are playing poker in the garage). When she realizes the situation, Benny tries to run, but George and Angie corner her in the garage. Benny confesses that she drove her to the clinic, but tells them that Vic was the one who suggested she go there to get birthcontrol. Vic admits to this, saying he did what any other doctor would do. Disgusted with their parents, George and Angie tell them to leave and to stay out of how they raise Carmen and Max.

On her birthday, Carmen comes down to find there are no birthday presents for her. But George and Angie take her to the garage, revealing to her they bought her a car. However, there is one catch: Carmen can only keep it if she doesn't have sex until she is 18, something she agrees to whole-heartedly.