George Lopez

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2002 on ABC



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    • Ernie: I'll come too, I just have to find a date.
      George: I thought you were dating two girls.
      Ernie: Turns out they were dating each other. They were just using me to drive them places.

    • Ernie: Remember what we used to say about Mr.Clipboard?
      George: Yeah, that if he didn't stop bugging us we'd take him to the parking lot and beat the crap out of him. But now that I'm manager, oh my God, that just seems so ghetto!

    • George: I'm sorry mom, but I have to do what's best for the company!
      Benny: What's best for the company? I'm your mother! Was the company there when you won your little league trophy!?
      George: Mom, you weren't even there! You dropped me off at the curb!

    • George: This isn't going to be easy for any of us Angie! I have to fire my own mom! "Hey mom, dump your crap in this box and follow the guy with the bad job. I love you!"

    • Benny: You know George learned that lying trick from me!
      Angie: Oh yeah? What was your lie?
      Benny: Oh, that we didn't have enough money to send him to college.

    • Angie: Benny, we're handling this.
      Benny: I don't see anybody getting hit!
      Angie: We don't hit our kids, Benny. We threaten to send them to your house.

    • Angie: George, you're not leaving. She lied to get out of swim class, we're dealing with this now!
      George: Angie, is it that big of deal? Why does she needs to know how to swim? We're already here!

    • Angie: How many weeks have you been having this period?
      Carmen: I don't know... six?
      George: Six weeks? If you went to a Catholic school, you'd be like a miracle.

    • Max: What's a period?
      George: It's a bullet we dodge, go get ready.

    • Angie: What is this? When did you start having your period?
      Carmen: I don't know, what's the date on the note?

    • Angie: Carmen, did I put lunch money in your bag?
      Carmen: Don't worry mom, it's all there. I'll just share with the cheerleaders. They don't eat their food!

    • George: You don't get this lying thing, do you? I don't know why we adopted you.
      Carmen: That's definitely the lie.
      George: Sure it is, good night Gretchen. I mean, Carmen.

    • Benny: I'm gonna say something I've never said before. I'm proud of you! You had the guts to fire your own mother! They finally dropped!
      George: You know, they don't make Hallmark cards for people like us mom.

    • Angie: (about Benny) She already raised you once, do you really want to go through that again?
      George: She's different now.
      Angie: How?
      George: She's had thirty more years of smoking, Angie. I think I can finally take her!

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for the 2003 CSA (Casting Society of America) Award for Best Casting For TV-Comedy Pilot.

    • In this episode George Lopez plays a double role as George and as Danny Boy on the phone.


      George Lopez (George Lopez) is an assembly line worker who's been promoted to manage a Los Angeles airplane parts factory, and whose job and busy family life are complicated by the presence of his stubborn, insensitive mother, Benny (Belita Moreno). Complicating his life more is his wife Angie (Constance Marie), George's loving wife who has limited patience in dealing with her overbearing mother-in-law; Carmen (Masiela Lusha), their bright daughter who is just entering her teenage years; Max (Luis Armand Garcia), their adorable but precocious nine-year-old son; and Ernie (Valente Rodriguez), George's best friend and an employee at the factory.

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