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    okay i have to complain that u not showing my babe " bryan fisher " that much he should be in every freakin ep . and star in each one . thank you
  • TERRIBLE!!!!

    Not funny AT ALL !!!!

    I did give it a chance and watched 2 episodes!!!

    And did not find it funny in the least!!!!!
  • George Lopez Isn't Funny!

    I don't get the show. If people say it's funny, they are lying, because it truly sucks in my mind! I love comedy and this is not funny at all!!!
  • Yet another addition to Stupid Sitcoms >:(

    Where to begin? Where to begin? First of all, George Lopez is playing a stereotypical, overprotective and completely oblivious husband and father; second of all George's mother is not only a foul mouth, sassy bitch (that'd be too nice), but she's also an unappreciative, unforgiving, and intolerable skank. Third, the daughter has no character of her own; she's just there to be the Meg Griffin of the show (ironic because I actually like Family Guy, for the most part), get bullied, get undermined, get in trouble for no good reason, you know those traits you'd find in characters that don't have a backbone. The son adds nothing to the plot of any episode, George's brother is just there to get tortured and Angie is just there to look pretty. If this show had a talking dog and an evil baby, it'd be a live action Family Guy done wrong. I like George Lopez as an actor, I think he's really funny, but this show doesn't do him justice, especially considering the fact that this was his idea of a sitcom. The jokes here don't make me want to laugh, they make me want to punch the person who told the joke in the face (including George himself). I don't recommend watching this show unless you think a skank like George's Mom is funny or you like to laugh at the misery of a victim of bullying and boarderline child abuse.
  • Hilarious Show

    One of the most funniest shows in the world.
  • George lopez

    This is the best series all the actors are good I wish they will make it again
  • Top Shows - One of my most favorite sitcoms

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  • The older you get, the more boring it is.

    Just a few years ago, this was my favorite show. Now watching it, I can't understand why, it has its moments, and when it has those moments, god are they hilarious, but that's only 40 percent of the time, the 60 percent is spent with uninteresting plots, redundant jokes, and spotty acting
  • George Lopez

    He is the best, doesn't matter how old i still enjoy it :)
  • He's more than just another comedian.


    Even though Nick has been doing bad lately, Nick@Nite is one of the best places to find comedy, containing classics such as the Nanny, and Family Matters. They also have great modern shows such as Everybody Hates Chris. This show is no exception. The show itself is about a man named George Lopez who lives his life with his wife, two kids, and his grandma. It does sound like one of those poor family sitcoms, but the thing that sets this show apart from is competitors is the fact on how original the dialogue and humor is. It feels very fresh, although somewhat hard to understand. The characters themselves are wonderfully developed in many ways possible, and while the plots are somewhat rehashes. it is somehow able to correlate with the character development, and the hilarious humor. The plots are kind of boring, but they are spiced in many ways possible. The characters are also great, and possibly my favorite is Benny. She is just downright funny, and gets the most laughs out of me (surprisingly). If there was one thing I didn't like about the show, it would be some of the dialogue. Some people do get it here and there, but for me, it's kind of hard to understand at times.

    Despite this, George Lopez is one of the funniest shows out there. The humor is fresh and great, the characters are well-developed and all-rounded, and there is just a sense of originality, that sets it apart from other family sitcoms. If want to kill time, George Lopez is one of the best ways to serve you entertainment.

    Presentation: 9/10 Plot does seem boring, but the original characters bring the score out.

    Characters: 10/10 The characters are really funny, but at the same time, develop through out the show.

    Voice: 10/10 Dialogue is perfectly spelled out, and all the scripts feel refreshing.

    Entertainment: 9/10 Jokes can be a little confusing at times, but most of the time, it's just downright hilarious.

    Lasting Appeal: 9.5/10 If you are looking for some good family sitcoms, George Lopez should probably be the first place to start at.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10 Incredible

  • A very funny show that still shows a strong family bond.

    George Lopez is one of my all time favorite sitcoms. It's about an airplane parts factory manager named George Lopez, who had a horrible childhood because of his drunken mother Benny Lopez, which makes raising his children, Carmen, his eldest child and spoiled brat, and Max, a dyslexic little boy, somewhat challenging.

    A large portion of the humor of this show comes from Benny, who is, as Angie described, "the woman responsible for everything that's wrong with I swear this show would lose a lot of humor without Benny and George's constant bickering. And yet deep down, Benny does love her whole family.
  • One of my favorites:)

    Oh man i love this show and when i got into it thats when i found out it was cancelled:(.So this show is about a factory worker named George Lopez with an evil mom a wife and rebellous children and he tries to juggle his life. This show is just plain HILAROUS!!!!! He tries to handle his mother named Benny who abused him as a child and can be a smart mouth at times:P. His wife is very communitive and talkitive and sensitve at times with the childeren running aroun thinking they can do what ever they want:)

    Anyway i love this show and sorry about this review im not good at making reviews:p
  • Overall a pretty good show

    I like this show. It's pretty funny and for the most part the characters were hilarious and likeable. I also like the serious points of the show. There are some lessons you could learn from some of the episodes. The general theme of the show was a bit generic, though. It was kind of like the other family sitcoms on TV. Also, I really think Carmen got really irritating and annoying after the second or third season. Come to think of it, she was always annoying, but moreso after this point. She always had some new problem that she would be crying about every single episode. Most of the problems she had were typical teenage drama. She was a gigantic drama queen and a total brat and I used to hate when some of the episodes were centered around her. What a freaking spoiled ungrateful brat she was..I was so happy when she finally left for college..

    Another thing I didn't really like was when they would continually mention how Manny, Georges father, walked out on him and his mom when he was 2. They mentioned it in almost every episode, it was pretty redundant and I kinda felt like enough was enough already. And I know that George and Benny's relationship is supposed to be "humorous" but I kind of felt like after awhile Benny was overdoing it and she was kind of crossing the line with George. I mean, he was her son, she needed to at least show some respect...

    Overall, I think this show is great. My favorite characters are Max, Ernie, and George. They are probably the funniest characters on the show.
  • seriously why does everyone like this dang show.


    Seriously why does everyone like this dang show. Ok my older brother watches it and i've seen only 3 episodes of it and it sucks like crap! Worst show on nick at nite ever! I'm surprised this show actually last pretty long. WOW! It's not even funny. the jokes are like forcing you to laugh, but i can't because it stinks. This show should just be canceled from all channels!

  • What a family show!

    George is a hilarious dad to follow. He has a foreign accent, but he's good at what he says! His wife Angie is the opposite of him (serious, fashionable, a great talker too). Great role playing here... the setting of the tv sitcom is hilarious and more!
  • I can't believe ABC cancelled this for Cavemen! For shame!

    Great, another show I love somehow got cancelled, I just can't catch a break, it's a shame that a truly great show as this won't have at least one more season. This show never fails to consistently make me laugh, as this is the ONL sitcom i've watched so far where EVERY chracter had something funny to say. There's also lots of sad and touching moments on the show, i've been taping it off WCIU for a couple weeks now, and still have plenty of episodes left to see. I hope that there's a George Lopez movie one of these days.
  • this show is terrible

    seriously this show is not funny its humour is so retarded george is always making jokes about how bad his mom was when he was little which sometimes isnt even belivable angie is so annoying and acts so stuck up an carem is a brat max and ernie are the only ones i can stand but i still hate this show.its wierd how so many people think this show is actually funny when its a stupid typical generic sitcom:dumb husband,pretty overprotective wife,daughter who is a brat and acts like a princess,son who flirts with girls all the time.this show is garbage
  • Why is this supposed to be funny?

    I can't laugh at this show. I really have a hard time trying to laugh at bits that are so old. The acting is very average and the comedy is boring. I don't understand why the show lasted as long as it did, but I guess others saw something I haven't been able to catch. The only good thing i can say about this show is that it managed to stay consistently the same in terms of frequent plots and storylines. Other than that, I just didn't care for everything else. Overall, not a terrible show, it just isn't funny or good. Thank you.
  • see this show sucks

    george lopez is a dumb mexican hes not funny hes has a freaking talk show what so good about this guy hes not bill cosby or even half as funny as him. i dont no what more i can say about this show so ill copy and paste this review so it will be long enough.
    george lopez is a dumb mexican hes not funny hes has a freaking talk show what so good about this guy hes not bill cosby or even half as funny as him. i dont no what more i can say about this show so ill copy and paste this review so it will be long enough.
  • I love this show.

    This is an awesome show. George Lopez is such a professional comedian and he beyond hilarious and hysterical in every episode of this show. Almost every line he said was something funny and full of humor and made me laugh. I just enjoy this show so much. I especially loved situations like where he found out he had a sister and invited her over to his house, half brother, when he met his father and tried to bring him back into his life, and when Benny's house burned down. Those are just some. Every episode kept me coming back for more every time and put the icing on the cake. I just can't describe it. I love this show. George Lopez works in a factory called Power Brothers Aviation where people build airplane parts. He has a wife named Angie, a mother named Benny, and two kids named Carmen and Max. Benny is very neglectful and gave George a horrible childhood. He had a father who left him when he was two because he hated Benny. I don't know why almost every episode of this show on this site got no higher than in the sixes or sevens. Most of them deserve nines and tens. I liked this show a little less after Carmen left the show because her character went to college. She could have lived at home. The niece took her place though, and that made things a little better and prevented the show from jumping the shark. I'm glad it stopped after the sixth season however, because otherwise it probably would have jumped the shark due to the departure of Carmen. She was the daughter. But I am glad she stayed five seasons because that is a pretty long time. Well, depending on how many seasons the show goes on. in this case, it is a long time. Whereas if the show were to go eight, nine, or ten seasons, it would not be a long time. Some of my other favorite episodes were where George and Angie compete to see who can do more work around the house, where Max and Carmen go over to Benny's house to be taught a lesson to behave, and where Carmen runs away from home. However, some episodes were boring because they did not involve the kids. Kind of like what I said about Still Standing, only it happens a lot more often with this show. More than it really should. As the show continues and reaches later seasons, the kids are rarely seen and it is focused more on the adults and their problems including George and Angie dealing with other people. Most of the episodes without the kids in this episodes are boring. Whereas in one of my other favorite shows Still Standing, only some of them without the kids were boring. Regardless, George Lopez is still one of the best out there, and it is a great show to watching whenever you feel angry, depressed, or stressed out. Even when I feel fine and normal, it is still a great show to watch. Some of the storylines and plots continue on and are built upon in this show and are not completely forgotten about later, which I see as a positive thing. Only because they were interesting and hilarious. If they were not, then I would have liked this show a little less. The bottom line is, this is one of my favorite shows, and I just love it so much.
  • This is one of the funniest shows that I have ever seen

    Ever since this show came to Nick@Nite a few years ago, I have been watching it and I've seen every single episode. George Lopez is the funniest man ever and he deserved a sitcom like this. I wish this show wasn't canceled. It was a very good and funny show. One of the greatest sitcoms I've seen. Also, Constance Marie who acts as Angie (George's wife) is HOT. Carmen is also very pretty. I think the only character I can't stand in this show is Benny, she was a horrible mother to George but sometimes I do find her funny so it depends how she is. I recommend this show to everyone that is a huge George Lopez fan. This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I really wish that this show wasn't canceled because it really did make me laugh so hard and was really hoping that it would last for a long time. I want more new episodes. This show will always be a legend to me. Overall, this is a perfect sitcom to watch and I can watch this show over and over again because it is just a very enjoyable show that makes me laugh very hard especially because I'm a huge George Lopez fan. 10/10
  • Pretty funny

    I dont really like George Lopez, but I have to say that I like his show for reasons like him making fun of his mom r probably the best moments on the show and the show is just funny. I like the show for the other characters. And I'm not a big fan of George Lopez's standup but I like the show cuz its people's reactions to eachother and it's just funny to me. The show can get kind of annoying sometimes but mostly it's hilarious
  • A great, easy to watch, funny show!

    I have to say that George Lopez is one of my favourite comedies, despite it not being shown in England. I have gone to America several times and had to watch it every night it was on. George Lopez himself is naturally very funny and his lines are always great. Personally, I think that he and his character's mum, Benny, are the most humourous on the show. They are both excellent at portraying their role and make the show so much better. I think that this is a programme that is very easy to watch and will lighten your mood because of the simple yet well written comedy that most people will find hard to find funny. If only it was shown here! A great show.
  • Pretty good

    I like this show, I sometimes do not like the excessive sexual language or mean spirited humor, but other times I do. I like the show's format, how it has a lot of like cliffhangers and story arcs. I do at times wish it was more family friendly or something though. I don't really have a favorite character, they are all pretty good and all have their separate moments of good humor. I don't really have a favorite episode or season either, because I like a lot of different episodes.

    So, a decent show, shame there aren't new episodes anymore
  • This show suffers primarily from poor acting. The writing isnt fantastic, but is generally well thought. It is however, poor delivery and redudancy from the cast which make watching this show a task similar to chewing on a grenade

    This show suffers primarily from poor acting. The writing isnt fantastic, but is generally well thought. It is however, poor delivery and redudancy from the cast which make watching this show a task similar to chewing on a grenade. The show tries to be topical but fails miseralbly. There is also a prevolant focus to appeal and racial connection to the Latino perspective. This is the one thing the show does well. It can at times can come across as overbearing though. you may feel tricked for trying to watch a show for a few laughs, but come to realize that there are alterior motives beneath the poor jokes
  • This show proves that TV really can turn you into a mindless brain melted puddle of ooze. Mothers everywhere rejoice that they were right. The rest of us, switch channels.

    Positively terrible. When a terrible and completely dry comic gets a TV sitcom, this kind of dribble happens.

    Do we really need to waste the airwaves with this kind of crap? After giving it a fair shot for 3 episodes, I want that hour and a half of my life back. I am begging whoever controls that...I should have done...anything else.

    I feel terrible for the other actors and actresses on the show, because they now have this on their resume, and that won't look good. Some of them have some talent, or perhaps that is just because they are acting next to the complete lack of talent which is George Lopez. I can't be sure about that.

    Even with nothing else on, I switch channels, or if I have to, go to the DVD collection, because I wouldn't make it through an episode of this without a gun to my head or a sac full of cash enticing me to make it for the longest half hour of my life.
  • awesome show

    this is a show that Actor and comedian George lopez about his life and he plays himself George lopez plays George lopez. the show starts off with George becoming the manager of Powers Brothers Aviation some type of airplane parts making factory. george is married to super hot but annoying caring Angie and has two kids annoying nosy but kinda cool Max and the sexy but sometimes dumb and annoying Carmen and George's best friene erine and George evil and mean mother benny that takes avange of Geroge and his family and most of the show is kinda base on George lopez's life
  • A very funny sitcom that is so very muchtrue to life

    I sat down one day late at night and went channel surfing and I'll be damned I came across George Lopez. I love this show it is really an amazing sitcom. it has hit written all over and we just could not expect anything less from George Lopez. You can't help but feel for some of these characters and the struggles in their lives. This show is hilariously funny and so true to life. this really is a show for people who are struggling in life because every episode is a new problem that people face everyday and this show is hope to those people. when max was having trouble in school with dyslexia it reached out to me because I also have trouble with my adhd in school and that just really touched my heart. Like I was saying before this show is funny and straight to the point the only problem is that it's funny at the wrong time. you just cannot be on the topic of a serious issue and just put in a joke like that out of nowhere it's just not right. But still this is a wonderfully funny and touching sitcom with a great storyline and wonderful characters that just needs to know when the time is right for a joke. I would also like to mention that I am back and am still doing reviews.
  • A really good comedy show.

    When I like the shows Drake and Josh and Family Matters,This show is one of them.

    It's really funny and it does really well on the funny thing.

    I really like this show because it's so funny and it really is one of the best shows ever made like Drake and Josh.

    George Lopez did really well on this show and he is one of the best dudes to have comedy stand-up and he is really funny on this really funny show.

    This is one of the funniest shows ever made and it did pretty much well at being funny and this show is the best.
  • One of my best show.

    I love this show because George Lopez is very funny but he's acting a little real as Ernie. I always enjoyed watching this whole episodes of George Lopez. Benny is acting something real for something in the George Lopez show. This is all about that someone has a big problem and need to solve the problem just like I saw Max drank illegal drinks like beer and wine a lot and then Max felt awful and Max went to hospital for punishment. And when I'm into the house, I create many time to write "George Lopez" episode story for season seven. So... the episode name for George Lopez season seven that I created is called "Benny Keeps Waiting". That means Benny is tired of waiting because Benny's grandaugther really wants to go to grocery store, so Benny have to be patient. I enjoy creating a lot of episode for George Lopez seasson seven.
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