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  • Great show!

    George Lopez was around for awhile and got better and better in my eyes every season. I am so depressed and shocked that it was cancelled. Great theme song, great characters, great cast, great humor, and everything else you can think of! So I strongly suggest that you watch this --- any way you can --- get a DVD, rent it, go to YouTube, watch for reruns --- but whatever you do, and I mean WHATEVER YOU DO, make sure that sometime in your lifetime you watch George Lopez. Believe me --- you won't regret it. I know I didn't.
  • This show is about a man name George Lopez and his family.

    this is the funniest show that i have ever seen.this show is funny,creative,and the worlds funniest comedy ever seen and herd.the comets that George uses are so funny he even uses it on other shows that he has done.i know i love this show i would never miss it on tv even if i have seen every episode.this show is just amazing who ever wrote this is the best writer because of the brain of his that created this show and i know he or she can create so many more shows like this that everyone would love. i know everyone has already seen it.
  • This show is about george trying to live his life with his family.they go through life with the ups and downs and some comedy to add.It is a funny show to watch....

    This show is absolutely one of the best family sitcoms show's on t.v George Lopez always make people laugh in his family.His very obnoxious family consists of a drunk and crazy mom, a hot wife who is always trying to make things right,also a teenage daughter who is trying to go out, and a son who always gets in trouble.And yea it sounds like one big happy family.this show could always make people laugh.But it also has some drama, romance, and action. Yeah it is one funny show. So turn your t.v to channel 9 at 11:00pm.Trust me it's one show you need to watch.
  • This show is about the misadventures of George Lopez and his obnoxious fam. they go through life with the ups and downs and some comedy to add.

    This show is absolutely one of the best family sitcoms on t.v. George Lopez is always a laugh in this family. His very obnoxious family consists of a drunk and crazy mom, a hot wife who is very optimistic, a teenage daughter who is alone, and a son who always gets in trouble. Yep it sounds like one big happy family. This show always has some of the best comedy. But it also has some drama, romance, and action. Yeah it is one hi - larious show. So don't even think about pickin up that remote and changing the channel because George Lopez is back baby. Trust me it's one show you need to watch.
  • Rocks so hard!

    There are so many reasons I love this show. It has so many funny characters, and they all have such a chemistry with each other. It is such an awesome show, and it is my favorite show I have ever seen. All of the episodes are hilarious, and there are a lot of references to previous episodes. Benny is so hilarious, and she has been my favorite character for a while now. This show is so hilarious, and it has such a long list of memorable quotes. If you haven't seen this show, you have absolutely no idea what you're missing out on.
  • Great!

    I first saw this show when my parents took me to Cleveland for Spring Break. I was writing in my diary, flipping through the channels and finding nothing good on, so I left it on this. I began watching it, and though, hey, this is kinda funny! So I kept watching it, and decided I loved it! Now it's one of my favorite people TV shows. I devide my shows into catagories, you see. There's anime, and shows with people. No cartoons. Anyway, I think my favorite would probably be Carmen or Ernie. I love them both! But I don't like Max. No offense to his fans, but I think he's a spoiled brat. I admit, Carmen has her days where she's not much better, but I just don't like it that she gets blamed for stuff Max does most of the time. I just like Ernie because he's freaking awesome and hysterical. And I love everyone else except Max, too. PEACE! DarkNinja1994's personal oppions do not necessarily reflect upon llamas.
  • "George Lopez" is (well to me) the mexican counterpount of "According to Jim". And thats a bad thing.

    Before I start to talk about "George Lopez", I like to point out that I know there are fans of "George Lopez". I respect that but, this is my thoughts of this show for the people who haven't seen it.

    "George Lopez" is a family sitcom that use to air on ABC. "George Lopez" stars stand up comedian George Lopez.

    "George Lopez" is about the misadventures of George Lopez and his family. Sounds familar, then the whole show sounds familar with the only difference being is that the family is mexican. The basic problem is that "George Lopez" contains every single family cliche, the dad who gets into lots of trouble, the overprotected mother, the daughter who is embrassed of her family and the annoying son. I like the concept of a mexican family sitcom but, if it wasn't so cliched. This deserves only 3 out of 10.
  • George Lopez was one of the funniest sitcoms ever. And the series finale was (wa-tcha, wait for it,) epic.

    George Lopez has been a great show for the 7 years it was on the air. It involved a mexican family dealing with all aspects of life. Two characters, George and Max, are dyslexic. George's mother is the one who makes the second funniest jokes (behind George). George's wife is usually the one who is serious when something happens. His daughter is the "drama queen" of the family. But enough about the characters. I've seen most of the episodes, and I would like to say that my all-time favorite episode was "George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia(Series Finale)" where a multi-millionaire gives George a career in Phoenix(where, ironically, is where his father lived). Since all of his family and friends (even Benny, his mother) are going to miss him, he decides to stay, he does a broadcasted protest, and the multi-millionaire gives him the factory. I miss various catchphrases like "WAPAAA!" "Shaao!" "Wa-tcha," "TA LOCA?! and various others. It's only been a year, why not make a new season about life as boss in "Powers Bros. Aviation (Probably called George Lopez Aviation by now)"?

    Overall, this had been a great series.
    In memory of George Lopez, "WAPAAAA!"
  • Best show ever besides family guy

    i love this show so much
    its on every night and i watch it, especially this week long marathon. im just very very very angry that it is cancelled, i wish that they would bring it back, you know, like futurama. but now im happier than ever because its on in the morning before i go to school, ever since the fresh prince of bel air got the boot, so roseanne full house and the home improvement show have been rotating on the time schedules slots. uhmm, what else can i say. great show, very funny, comedian yea you know what i mean.
  • Why was this show cancelled?

    In the last several years, many sitcoms have come and go, most of them not lasting beyond a couple of seasons. George Lopez stands out as having quite a number of episodes and bringing something different to the sitcom "table". The acting is very good and the timing of the jokes is superb. All of the "characters" on the show have their moments (especially George obviously) where they really get to shine. Why this show was cancelled is beyond me. There are so many bad, unoriginal sitcoms out there that last so long. George Lopez should have definately had a longer run.
  • It is such a sad shame that this show got canceled.

    This show was absolutely fantastic. All the crude humor that they used, an all the wackyness and crazyness of the family made the show completely of the wall entetainment. Having a small grandma play this mean, cruel woman with nothing but spite for everything and everyone gave the show a little bit of originallity and flare. Having this sarcastic dad marry this serious and over protective mom also gave way to some unusual situations. And lastly, having the son fall in love with the cousin le to some very uncomfortable scenes. I love how sarcastic and uncaring the bosses are as well. This is one of the best shows ever.
  • -My Review on the Show George Lopez-

    George Lopez is a pretty funny show, ever episode I tend to get at lease several laughs. I like how the show has a lot of comedy and a little drama mixed into it, it makes it very interesting. My favorite character would have to be of course George Lopez, he's a great comedian.
    Though sometimes I think the humor can be a little crude but still a great show.

    -My Review on the Show George Lopez-
    -My Review on the Show George Lopez-
    -My Review on the Show George Lopez-
    -My Review on the Show George Lopez-
    -My Review on the Show George Lopez-
    -My Review on the Show George Lopez-
  • Better than the sum of its parts

    I find it hard to give this show a positive review. There is nothing original at work here. Its setting (a minority family living in suburban America a la The Cosby Show), characters (overbearing father, smart and sexy mother, moody teenage daughter, etc.), and storylines can be found on any other sitcom on television. The performances of all the actors involved aren't exactly Emmy-worthy. Yet there is undeniable charm surrounding it. Lopez really carries this show, and does it well. Like the Showtime series Dexter, this show would suffer without its title character. It's his raw charisma that makes the show worth watching (There's only so much of George's best friend Ernie and father-in-law Vic that I can take.) It isn't memorable, but you could be watching worse things on TV.
  • finally! a show full of latinos!

    im latino! and im proud! i watch this show all the time and i love it, but they cut it off!!!! They stopped making shows! Whats wrong with these people, i hate watching repeats over and over again! so, i might just get the whole season dvd collection! why watch it on tv if they are not showing new ones right? *sigh*, it'll be long till they make another show with latinos, poor george, i hardly see him on show and movies. they might not even make another show with latinos, well the season dvd collection will be cool! george lopez forevor!
  • Makes me laugh all the time.

    This show is wonderfully funny. I absolutely love the relationship between Benny and the family. Without Benny this show would not be as good as it is. Every time I see an episode that I have not seen yet it's a treat. I definitely recommend anyone watch this show. They deal with some serious issues but still maintain the comedy in the show very well. I couldn't just pick one favorite episode because they are all good. I like seeing a Hispanic family on tv you don't see many shows based on Hispanic families. Over all I gave the show a 9 because it does entertain very well and isn't annoying.
  • I think this show is so funny

    this show is so funny i love the relationship between angie and george. my favorite characters are carmen,angie, and of course george. The funniest things are between george and benny. Ernie is also so funny. I like it when Veronica comes because she is so funny and it is also funny when angie calls veronica something and carmen answers. Max is also funny i like the way he believes anything people tells him. That is the way george and angie get him to do anything. I also love it when george and benny have their sweet moments. I love this show and i hope nick at nite keeps airing it.
  • So Funny!

    The show, George Lopez, is so funny! And so is the George Lopez himself. I enjoy watching this show because I usually laugh at every episode, and I usually dont laugh out loud when watching tv. My favorite character on the show is probably George or Max. I actually do not have a least favorite character on this show. I like them all. George Lopez is about George and his family and living the life of a Latino family. They don't really have too many latino family-based shows out there. Too bad I got into this show right after it got cancelled.
  • funny

    this show is a classic and will always lopez is just soooo funny. my favorite character is max though.i just thinks hes best because hes a kid and funny.then theres carmen.i dont think anyone likes carmen but shes still one of my favorites (not that i had many to choose from)but then ernie,benny,angie,etc. the best thing about this show is the variety of episodes.not just that theres so many its just the fact that the episode plots range from brithdays to divorces to work to vactions to relatinoships,i mean the plots in sitcoms never stop growing,but i have to give this show a thumbs up from that,10/10
  • Being appropriately called, "George Lopez", the man and the show are both spectacular. Given a 9.1 for a show, the show contains hilarious and hysterical events. Do you not laugh enough in your life? Try George Lopez, and make up for those boring days. GL

    The George Lopez show contains a number of characters, main, major, and minor.
    Main: George Lopez, Angie Lopez, Max Lopez, Carmen Lopez, Benny Lopez
    Major: Ernie, Jack, Vic, Veronica
    Minor: Claudia, Manny, Mel, Randy, Jason

    We'll start with George Lopez. He is a 40 to 44-year-old (depending on creation of episode) who has two argumentative children, a difficult marriage, an "evil" mother, a sister, and a father-in-law. He is the assistant/plant manager at Powers Bros. Aviation, which makes airplane parts. The man rejects many of his children's constant requests, and isn't as... "helpful" as Angie. George Lopez has dyslexia, a minor mental problem.

    Next is Angie. Angie is a caring, community-service-completing woman who wants to do what's right. She is a wedding planner, and is 38 to 42-years-old (once again, depending on creation of episode). Although she has some annoying times with George, she is committed and prepared.

    Max Lopez, a 10 to 14-year-old boy, struggles in school do to his dyslexia. However, Max is fit socially (and physically, too). He is argumentative and rebellious, as that's one of George Lopez's highest pet peeves. Max doesn't get his way a lot, therefore tends to not give up on arguing about one topic.

    Now we have Carmen, a 13 to 17-year-old teenager who is quite similar and quite different to her annoying brother. She has a boyfriend named Jason (doesn't show up in many episodes), and Carmen wants to move to Georgia, get a house with Jason, and have kids. It isn't easy, though, when George strongly disapproves the expectation/request. Carmen is always trying to be more mature, yet never seems to exceed. Carmen does not suffer dyslexia, though that is an inferred statement.

    Benny Lopez, a harsh, cruel mother's three favorite activities are smoking, drinking, and dating Randy (and in that order!). She is probably about 60 years old, though there is ALMOST no information to tell. Benny was not a good "child parent" (didn't treat George well when he was little). Benny doesn't always set good examples, therefore the relationship between Benny and George is irritating and negative.

    Ernie, a latino (George and his family are Mexican), five or six years younger than George, continues to live with his parents and consistantly looks for girls. He never succeeds in dating girls, though is/was best friends with George since they were both in middle/high school. Ernie is a typical worker at Powers Brothers, and is there to help George when he needs it.

    Jack Powers runs Powers Brothers (see the connection???), and is maybe just as old or slightly older than George. He is a pretty fair director, pretty mild. He works with Mel (see below) and doesn't typically enjoy vacation.

    Vic (not Vick) is George Lopez's father-in-law, that is, Angie's father. He is extremely young for a father to a 40-year-old; he's probably in his late 50's, MAYBE early 60's. Vic is fair and shares a [limited] number of interests with George. They both like golf, they are related, and they get along pretty well. Vic also dates girls (in a [limited] amount of episodes), and is pretty strange when attracting and maintaining them.

    Veronica, George's niece, is a 20-year-old (when she is shown on the show, she is about 20) irresponsible young adult who doesn't get along to well with his uncle George. She is hungover and has ONE social group. It's inferred that she still dates, but there isn't too much information to prove anything. She doesn't show up in a majority of the episodes, but she is humorous (in real life) and defensive (in George Lopez).

    Claudia, George's sister (Veronica's mother), is seen in an extremely small amount of episodes. She doesn't talk a lot, so it's hard to review her. However, in the episode I call "Veronica's life or Veronica's money", someone hosts a funeral down in Florida/Arizona (I forget) and George is hesitant to go. Claudia does her speech on TV before she dies, and says something rather hilarious at the end of her speech. George and Angie also pick up Veronica (see above) in Florida/Arizona. Claudia is probably 50 years old.

    Manny WAS George's father. The reason I say "WAS" is because Manny "died" about halfway through the George Lopez episodes. In some of the episodes, he is alive, though has a "two-head" problem. In some of the episodes, however, Geroge wonders how fun it would really be if he got to see his father again. There isn't a lot to say about Manny, except George Lopez recalls he was helpful and interesting.

    Mel is partners with Jack Powers. He shows up in very few of the episodes, as Claudia does too. Mel, when seen, usually fights with Jack and in at least one of the episodes, tries to break away and make his own separate company, due to his despision of his ex-partner. Mel is probably just as old as Jack.

    Randy is Benny's boyfriend. Don't be fooled though; Randy is a quiet and not usually happy, 42-year-old man. He is depressed and not very comfortable when dating Benny. He is another minor character, so there isn't much to review about Randy.

    Lastly, we have Jason. Jason is Carmen's boyfriend. He isn't 100% comfortable and prepared with Carmen's idea of getting married, having a house, and having children after moving to Georgia. He is in football camp, and he also loves baseball. George Lopez and Jason don't get along very well, because George is unaccepting, as to say rejecting.

    REAL REVIEW: Kinda what I said in the summary... I'd give it a 9.1 . Not just one character is funny (besides George Lopez; he doesn't even think about funny things, a funny line just POPS out of his head) by him/herself. When they bond together and have social discussions, it gets funny, what they say and what they do. Some of George's favorite phrases are, "WHATCHA!" (oh-yeaaaa), "WHAPPAH!" (hooray), "MEMBER, YOU MEMBER." (remember? you remember.) "I KNOW HUH." (not one of George's phrases, but another worker at Powers Bros. uses the phrase, means "I know" or "I know and agree".) "RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW!"

    "Giving the world's happiness" is a reasonable quote to say that George is hilarious and hysterical. On CW at 5:30pm and 6:00pm, on ABC at 7:30pm and 8:00pm, and on Nick At Nite at 10:00pm and 10:30pm, catch an episode!!!
  • George Lopez is extremely funny!

    George Lopez is one of the funniest actors I have ever seen! Between him and his mom Benny the show was absolutely hilarious. I thought that the rest of the acting on the show was ok, but nothing special. The plot line from episode to episode was again ok. The show was able to have quite a few guest stars that helped the shows ratings. Overall I think that George Lopez made this show a hit and made himself even more famous. I still watch this show almost every night on Nick at Night. Overall I give this show a 9/10.
  • very funny

    my little bro was watching this show so i sat down and watched some of it the part that i watched was very very funny. so i kept watching it with him.George has a big head so that a funny joke Caromon always go through drama Max is not the smateriest student Bennie is just crazy drunk mom and Angie keep's them all together I love this show because it combines sarcastic humor with storylines that pertain to real life issues. This show is absolutely FUNNY!!it one of Those funny ones that make you laugh so hard! I can't believe they stopped making episodes for this show!.
  • well i just stared to wach to the George Lopez show and its great the show is funny its about George his wife Anige Grandma Bennie Carmon his daughter max he's son Erinee his best friend my favorite chacter is Bennie she is funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    George has a big head so that a funny joke Caromon always go through drama Max is not the smateriest student Bennie is just crazy!!!!!1 and Angie keep's them all together Bennie and Geroge did not have a good relship George dad left them and Bennie was not to nice to Geroge and never says i love congrats only a few times but she says something will get her Erinee is funny but he and Angie are my lest favorite chatcters !!!!!! show is relly funny it suck i just stred to watch it ! its relly funny so watch Geroge Lopez on Nick at nite!
  • This show is hilarious

    I started watching this show on Nick at Nite. The reason I gave it a chance was because I saw Balls of Fury and thought he did a wonderful job as the secret agent. I love this show because it combines sardonic humor with storylines that pertain to real life issues. Benny is my favorite character, and I think she is really funny. I'm always amazed at how much trouble Carmen and Max can cause for their parents. I really like the show because it always kept me watching instead of changing the channel after five minutes and there's one hundred words.
  • This is my favorite show!

    This is my altime favorite please email me on so he is a mexican with a daughter (favorite character) and a son and he works for 15 years to become manager in a airplane part factory!he has a weird freaky mother who never cares about him and a wife who loves him to talk and wants world peace if you ask my friends i have moments to honor george lopez and act like will smith I love this comedien and he almost died because of a kidney! poor lopez anyway i hope people watch this show and give it more credit i love it! Thank you 4 your time!
  • This show is absolutely FUNNY!

    I love this show too. I used to watch it all the time! They stopped making new episodes though. I want it back! George Lopez is one of those shows...that make you pee your pants. You know? Those funny ones that make you laugh so hard! I can't believe they stopped making episodes for this show! How could they? This is one of the best! This show is the reason I even watch TV! Dude, it's that intense! I'd die if I couldn't watch George Lopez! If you don't watch it, you don't know what you've been missing! This is a great show and the actors are fantastic!
  • Great Show

    In GEORGE LOPEZ, George (George Lopez) uses humor and hard work to deal with the challenges and adversity faced by all working families, and that's the through line in this standard-fare sitcom. What sets this series apart is that it broke ground by focusing on a Latino family, and its success paved the way for other Latino-focused shows.

    Some aspects of the show ring true: George has risen through the factory-worker ranks to manage the plant, but he finds managing his friends and even his mother (who works at the factory) a constant challenge. His marriage to Angie (Constance Marie) has its rocky moments but has such strong underpinnings that they renewed their vows in one episode. Angie's father, Vic (Emiliano Díez), offers mixed-bag guidance (in one episode, he appears as "the worm" in George's mescal-induced hallucination). George's best friend, Ernie (Valente Rodriguez), is a source of jabs about George's management job, but is generally in George's corner when trouble comes up.

    That's a good thing, because George really never knows what to expect next. His kids are in the throes of teenage rebellion: Carmen (Masiela Lusha) has run away from home, been expelled from school, and fallen in love with a sports jock; while Max (Luis Garcia) has struggled with dyslexia and his attraction to a crowd of troubled friends. George's biggest headaches, though, are thanks to his callous, wisecracking mother, Benny (Belita Moreno). Her lies about George's childhood and family are revealed in episodes like the one in which George's long-lost sister suddenly reappeared.

    Unfortunately, some of the humor draws on eye-rolling, "wouldn't-you-know-it" Mexican jokes.
  • George is really funny.

    This show is about a mexicana/cuban household. George has a best friend name Erine and if he didn't get his wife he would have ended up just like Erine. Carmen is there oldest and only daughter. Carmen had to change schools a lot and has a bad self esteem. Max takes special ed and been though a lot of ups and downs. George mother is a mess. She likes to get drunk a lot and made George deal a lot with greif when he was a child. Even though his father abanned him when he was 2. There a disfunctional family and thats why i love the show.
  • So0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 funny! Hilarious!

    I love George Lopez. It's soooo funny. Sooooo many jokes and stuff. When Benny makes fun of George and Angie, I always laugh. I also love it when George talks about how poor he was. What he had to do to survive was sooooooo funny! Like, when Benny was talking about how he wet the bed, George was like, That Was the only warm water we had! ROFLMAO!!! Soooooo funny! I also like Max when he was younger. He was funny too. I remember when he was walking out of the mall, he was wet, from trying to get coins from a wishing fountain. his mom was like, those coins are for ppl who want their wishes to come true, then Max was like-What if my wish was to get all the coins in the fountain?! roflmao!!! Funny show!!!
  • Ha ha so funny!

    This show is very hilarious! I love George Lopez. He is a funny guy. Who ever had the idea of giving him his own show was a really real genious. I love to watch this show "George Lopez" every single night before I go to sleep. His comic is very good and not going to far with jokes. I love to watch his stand up, so him having his own show is really cool. And I also like how his shows actually have plots very much unlike most shows that are popular these days like Family Guy and American Dad. 100 words.
  • lol funny

    when i first started this series it was very boring but not anymore this series is interestihg and funny i recomend that everyone watches this show i love it that they air it on nickolodean now everyday i like that george lopez is a very funny charcter in the series and so is his family especially his wife mother and children i love to record this show somtimes so i can watch it all over again some other time because it is real interesting the new episodes get more better every season and its a show that a family would enjoy i give it a 9.7/10
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