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  • Sooooo funny!!

    this show is like sooo funny!! super funyn!! i love it!! its better than anyother show!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!! its funny funny funny funny!!
  • this show is amazing

    oh my god! finally some hispanics/latinos that have their own show and arent some side characters that are dumped later. i love this show and ugly betty. it has some comedy thats amazing and you dont see it coming. like with most shows, some one liners are overused and are all predictable. but this show is off the hook. plus it has a good sense of drama. like when george figures out his dad is still alive and that he has a sister. and it has justenough of the hispanic/latino culture. its not all like overusing everything like always eating tacos and burritos and other stereotypes like that. im glad because there arent that many family comedies with that ki8nd of quality. fo finish i will quote george, "viva la raza!"
  • The Lopez dude rocks!

    I've only seen three episodes of the show, watching my fourth now, and this show couldn't be better! Its so hilarious, and I've watched a lot of Season 6 episodes, and Veronica appears in most of them, and she is hot and funny. She is just like the spoiled, rich, Hillary Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Mr. Lopez is awesome, hilarious, and funny. Angie, his wife, is pretty funny, for the wife, well, you know what I mean. Max is the younger boy who is probably around 12-14 now, and he rocks, sorta. His character isn't seen much, so, anyways. The show is great. I had originally gave it a 9.5, but now I think it deserves at least a 9.9!
  • WHY?

    why did this show have to end? Some internal struggle. Here was a true comedy gem, and although Masiela did leave, the show was still pretty funny. Known to have been one of the oldest shows on the abc network besides fellow brother Jim who was also cancelled, George Lopez and his family were a great group. they were funny, charismatic and worked well together. From Benny's toughness to Max's not as intelligent behavior, the show revolves around their family or work at the plant. Although i didnt mind the addition of Aimee Garcia, her character was pointless, and was not necessary. I liked Vic more and more each season, and although this show was starting to lose some of its flavor, it definitely deserved one to two more seasons. A great show indeed, and with this show gone, i highly doubt they can find any show worthy enough to replace it.
  • George Lopez has a very funny family show that not only depicts the latino family but all families.

    Who ever thinks that George Lopez should be cancelled should rethink and rewatch the stupid shows on the television. ( or tv for you dummies) I just can't believe that this show was cancelled and for what a show about the Geico cavemen. Oh that is really good switch. A family show for a bunch of idots!!! I hate to say it but I am very upset with abc. This was my favorite channel to watch but I think That I may not watch it any more. nbc and cbs have some good shows. Maybe it's time to watch something new. TTFN ABC
  • This is a wildly funny show. It's about George and his beautiful wife and 2 kids. Last year his daughter went off to college and now it's just him,the wife, and son at home. I just found out that they cancelled it!!!!!!!!!

    I was looking on the web and I just found out they cancelled this wonderful show. They never even told the cast and crew until they finished what they thought was the season finale. What is up with these networks? They cancelled a lot of amazing shows. Anybody that I know that has watched this show has laughed at least once. We need to form a revolt against all networks. They have no idea what people want. Now I know it got a little repetitive this year. Last year the season finale looked like the factory was going to Mexico and then this year they did it again but it was a little different and George saved the day! I am going to miss this show!
  • This show is about George Lopez. He has one son, Max.He has a bad relationship with his mother and she is often put in the show. His wife and her father are also important charecters. This is a great show.

    I love this show! All of the characters work together live a real family. The script is wonderful and it has a great story line. The only thing I don't like is how the brought in George's sister after Carmon went to college. Other than that this is a great, quality show.
  • George lopez isnt as funny here as he is on stand up but the shows still pretty good, he is weird for a parent with kids and the way he raises them is kinda weird

    George lopez isnt as funny here as he is on stand up but the shows still pretty good, he is weird for a parent with kids and the way he raises them is kinda weirdGeorge lopez isnt as funny here as he is on stand up but the shows still pretty good, he is weird for a parent with kids and the way he raises them is kinda weirdGeorge lopez isnt as funny here as he is on stand up but the shows still pretty good, he is weird for a parent with kids and the way he raises them is kinda weird
  • so funny a fun lovin mexican a really mex fam act sum times..:)

    now tiz show is sooo funny wen i see reminds me of my own fam..on how we act sum jus shows dat theres alot of love in am hispanic family..tiz show i jus wish i could see it but sum times i jus forget in wat channel n at wat time they give it but wen i finnally see it im all tying to remember da time n channel but i jus 4get ..:)..but it iz all good i love george lopez he iz soo funny all da times now i kno the only things i dont 4get is wen they show him in comedy central ppl u should see tiz show iz soo halrious
  • Me and my family really like watching the tv show

    I wish that the tv show come back it's got so much comdey and we miss watching the show and we really hope he come back soon.The show is so come that some family are just like that, and the show is one of my mother best comdey show.
    She has ever saw and it makes my family laugh and my husband looks at the tv guide to see if the show will be showing.
  • A great take on the american family and it is great to see a Latino in a leading role.

    Well "George Lopez" was made by Bruce Helford of "The Drew Carey Show" and "Roseanne" fame so I knew this would be good. and I was right, Georges mom is a great character who does a lot of the best jokes in the show about her sex life. And Carmen is sexy so if she is in a bikini soon that will be must see tv :D
  • George Lopez definently has many more seasons to come.

    When it first started coming on ABC, I never watched it after My Wife and Kids. However, one day when I watched it, I was laughing all through out the show. This show may likley even be better than My Wife and Kids. I like how George and his mother are always arguing and fightning about something. I also think the show is well written and orginal in amy differnt ways. Where else would you find a show with all Latinos playing the roles? hat's another reson I like the show because its about the troubles in a Latino family that's living in LA.
  • Great show! Very Funny

    George Lopez is an awsome show that to me, is a good comparison to Every body Loves Raymond. George is hilarious in his rants, and the rest of the family(his wife, kids, MOTHER)make it even better to watch. The show can get really serious but will leave you laughing at the end. Anybody that like Everybody loves Raymond should watch this show. It will really remind you of the show that we all know and love. Acting is great and you can watch it by yourself or you can watch it with your family it is really funny!! It is a must watch!!
  • It is really funny!

    The funnynest, that is probably not a word, is really good! I love laughing to this show. That is probably one of the main reasons I watch it! It just kills me! And I love George! He is halarious! I haven't seen too many episodes of this show, but I do know the ones I've seen are really good! My mom really enjoys it too! Now I am not latino (sp) but I do have lots of neighbores (sp) and friends who are and they really find it a funny show! And the main thing that makes it funny are real things in the real world!
  • cooooooooooooooool


    The George Lopez Show Summary:
    In keeping with its promise to add ethnic diversity to its prime-time lineup, the ABC network gave the green light to the development of a weekly, half-hour sitcom built around the talents of Latino standup comedian George Lopez. On his eponymously titled series, Lopez was cast as "himself," an employee at a large airplane-parts factory not named Lockheed. Newly promoted to manager, George now found himself in the untenable position of ordering around his old pals -- not to mention his own mother, and fellow employee, the indomitable and insufferable Benny Lopez (Benita Moreno). Others in the cast included Constance Marie as George's wife Angie, Masiela Lusha and Luis Armand Garcia as his children, and Valente Rodriguez as his best friend Ernie. The George Lopez Show debuted on March 27, 2002. Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
  • Can't get enough

    Absolutely love this show. Who would have thought this would last as long as it did. I glad it was moved from the Friday Night line up which would have gotten it cancelled.
    Lopez obviously makes the show and the supporting cast couldn't be better. I especially enjoy the human intrest story lines.
  • i love this show rly good! It is a guilty pleasure and i just can never stop watching it i can't wait till the next week to see more and another episode i hope it stays on forever and ever i give it rly good rewiews and stuff cause itrocks!

    i love this show rly good! It is a guilty pleasure and i just can never stop watching it i can't wait till the next week to see more and another episode i hope it stays on forever and ever i give it rly good rewiews and stuff cause itrocks!
  • good show but hate the new ones

    ya it started out good now the only thing goood about it is hte sweet song during the opening credits. i loved this show when it first came on but never watch it anymore as the new ones are dull and repeptitive. so new ones boring, old ones great.

  • Common show theme with a fresh feel to it.

    Although this show is like many others of its kind, there are few like this one that have its own comedic originality. Issues like some that are expressed on the show are becoming more recent so people of our time can relate to them. Overall, I think that this show is worth at half an hour of your time if you're willing to give it a chance.
  • How did my family end up on tv?

    This is really the most unappreciated show on tv. George Lopez is very, very funny and thanks to him and the excellent writing, the show has kept me rolling on the floor since day one. Every week I tune in I feel like i've been invited to another one of my crazy family's reunions. See you next week "cousin" George!
  • It funny

    it's about a crazy family trying to livea normal life but can't.his mother makes there CRazy lives over there more than here own home and his daughter is sex crazy his son is disleix it silly and dumd at he same tie you can't live life till you seen geoge lopez
  • Horrible show, intentionally unfunny. Free up air time and end this horrible show now.

    I, first time viewer, just watched the fifth season premier. Never did I feel so embarrassed for the show. There are plenty of mistakes to make this show intentionally unfunny:

    1) Special FX: Baby speaks is cute, but baby with teeth speaks is just stupid.
    2) Change the FX company already. Everybody can see the fire scene is shot in front of the blue screen.
    3) George Lopez has neither the look nor the talent. Looking at him is a publishment.
    4) Ugly/fat husband and slim/hot wife. Don't we have enough shows like this already?
    5) Acting is terrible. period.
    6) Stroyline is so predictable that 5 minutes into the show, you can already turn it off.
    7) Jokes are not funny and have been told too death.

    Terrbile show, just terrible. If there is negative point, I will give it -10
  • Very Good Show that is starting to be less funny each season.

    When this show was first starting I loved it. Now that it is in season 5 I really think that the show needs to up it's funny value. It always seems that they are repeating the same jokes every episode. Here is the plan on each episode. George's Mom says something mean about George, he gets her back with several other jokes, they get in a fight, then she tells him of his childhood. See I'm not saying this is bad it is just getting old though.
  • George Lopez's show is a funny outstanding comedy that mixes real life issues with some laughs.

    This show is great because it tackles everyday, every people issues, along with those of Latinos. The show is so funny it is such a dead ringer for my own family. It's a great mix of comedy and real life. George Lopez is a great role model for Latinos and just anybody because he is a success and can poke fun at himself, real issues and stereotypes. Which is what alot a people should do more of. Some people think this show is to real and some think it is not real enough, all I have to say is, "Hey it's a TV show don't over analyze it just sit down and enjoy it and if you don't like it just shut up and change the channel."
  • Funny Show

    I wouldn't call it drop-on-the-floor-with-side-aches funny, but it is a family comedy that delivers on the laughs.

    Comedian George Lopez stars in this sitcom about a factory worker who was recently promoted to manager of the factory. His best friend and mom both work there too. He comes home to his good-looking house with his beautiful family. I have read other reviews that said his house was too spacious for a factory worker's salary. This may be true, but I can't imagine trying to film a positive-role-model type sitcom in a cramped little apartment. I will always suspend belief if I am laughing.

    This Sandra Bullock-produced show relies a little on the racial jokes (an example: after hearing about his daughter's troubles on the school swim team, he says, "Why does she need to learn how to swim anyway? We're already here!"), but it doesn't overpower the show. I do hope they replace the theme song from War's "Low Rider" to something original.

    When I watch a sitcom, I really don't care what color the actors are, I just care that it is funny. "The George Lopez Show" may be ABC's attempt to diversify, but I think the bigger achievement was that they were able to find a sitcom for families that is funny and doesn't annoy you (like "According to Jim," the horrible show that had the time slot "The George Lopez Show" occupies.) That is the real accomplishment!
  • George Lopez, the family comedy starring popular standup comedian George Lopez falls short - for no apparent reason.

    When I first tuned into this show because I’m a huge fan of George Lopez, I wasn’t surprised. The show was funny! The main word being “was”. Now I cant watch it because it’s just not that funny. I don’t even know if it’s the cast or the story.

    The story centers around George’s family:
    George's devoted wife, Angie (Constance Marie), possesses the patience of a saint and copes surprisingly well with Benny's questionable past and insensitive wisecracks, and with George's freewheeling approach to parenthood. Her newfound success as a cosmetics salesperson and her passion for lost causes tries George's patience, but in the end makes him love and rely upon her that much more. George and Angie's nine-year-old son, Max (Luis Armand Garcia), is a dyslexic, sports-loving, constantly curious ball of energy, while their bright 15-year-old daughter, Carmen (Masiela Lusha), struggles with self esteem problems as well as the trials, tribulations and peer pressure of being a teenage high school girl. But in my opinion, there’s no real development of any of these characters. And all of them end up annoying me.
  • A show about a latin american family.

    The George Lopez show is about a latin American family who goes through funny situations. George Lopez is a great stand up comic but this show seems to lack something. Maybe if they didn't focus too much on the comedic scenes of a family and focused a little bit more on a dramatic and realistic scenarios of a family, it might be better. The show just isn't realistic for me. The jokes are funny but it sometimes gets old. Put a few realistic scenes in the show and it will be a better show. I recommend this show to people who like jokes but not a strong story line.
  • A Perfect 10! George Lopez is Great!

    This is a hilarious show! A laugh is a laugh is a laugh, especially since we're talking about a 1/2 hour family sitcom, not a documentary. I know zip about Latino culture, but this is only of my favourite shows on TV right now.

    George Lopez overacts somewhat, but it is in character, and Angie Lopez (played by Constance Marie) is the perfect serious foil for George's over-the-top-ness, as are George's kids, Max and Carmen, his mother Benny and his friend Eddie.

    So many comedies based on the "name brand" aspect of successful comedian end up being ego trips with the "star" so greatly overshadowing the rest of the cast that it's like they aren't even there. But on the George Lopez show, the co-stars are truly that - they get decent screen time and they get some good funny lines which they can all deliver perfectly, even the kid playing Max. And Masiela Lusha is great playing the overwrought teenage girl so much like how her father is so excitable without becoming an un-funny stereotype.
  • Man! now this show i like it's soo funny and original and also good for the kids and family. George lopez is the funny man in the show and in real life too. I would like to watch the show over and over and over and over again.

    About a man a latino man and his family who take him
    has a problem in life but sometimes they love him.
    George Lopez has my vote for the funniest latino guy ever! If you people agree with me send me a message.
    Well thats all i got to say for now.
  • the show is great

    this show is totally cool, it\'s funny but then serious at times. George Lopez is a great actor/ comiedan. i think this show should come back to at least many more seasons, all the people are great and they make the perfect tv family even though they deal with real problems with the two kids.
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