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  • A superb comedy show.

    This show is about a man named George Lopez and he lives with his wife Angie, his son Max, and his daughter Carmen. They have good lives but then there are some times when they can be in bad situations which can make their lives horrible. So it is up to George Lopez to try to make things easier in his life and his family lives but sometimes he screws up but when that happens he tries to make the audience laugh by making fun of what things he has to change or maybe he changes the subject to be funny.

    Overall, this is a great comedy show for the families and I would recommend anyone to watch this show. If you haven't seen this show then you don't know what kind of comedy that your missing.
  • GEORGE LOPEZ RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    george lopez rocks! i watch it every nite on nick at nite and when i say every nite, i mean EVERY NITE!!!! i know i am spelling night wrong too. i think i have seen every episode and i will watch them all again. i think this show beats all sitcoms because it has so many funny parts to it and you really get into the story line. i like all of the characters for different reasons and each each episode for the same reasons. i could answer any trivia questions on the show. i mean ANY QUESTION. george lopez rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • WHY?

    why did this show have to end? Some internal struggle. Here was a true comedy gem, and although Masiela did leave, the show was still pretty funny. Known to have been one of the oldest shows on the abc network besides fellow brother Jim who was also cancelled, George Lopez and his family were a great group. they were funny, charismatic and worked well together. From Benny's toughness to Max's not as intelligent behavior, the show revolves around their family or work at the plant. Although i didnt mind the addition of Aimee Garcia, her character was pointless, and was not necessary. I liked Vic more and more each season, and although this show was starting to lose some of its flavor, it definitely deserved one to two more seasons. A great show indeed, and with this show gone, i highly doubt they can find any show worthy enough to replace it.
  • Awesome show! I watch it every night!

    Everytime I watch this show, I crack up into pieces. George Lopez's jokes are just hilarious. The stories that Benny tells about George's childhood are shamefully funny. I love this show and I will continue to watch it as long as it airs. I wouldn't really change anything. The only thing I find kind of annoying is Carmen. God, it's like every other episode about her has her running away or having boy trouble. George Lopez starred in a great, entertaining show with loveable characters in my book. Carmen was the only thing holding my rating back from a Perfect 10. If only it was still running :(
  • He's more than just another comedian.


    Even though Nick has been doing bad lately, Nick@Nite is one of the best places to find comedy, containing classics such as the Nanny, and Family Matters. They also have great modern shows such as Everybody Hates Chris. This show is no exception. The show itself is about a man named George Lopez who lives his life with his wife, two kids, and his grandma. It does sound like one of those poor family sitcoms, but the thing that sets this show apart from is competitors is the fact on how original the dialogue and humor is. It feels very fresh, although somewhat hard to understand. The characters themselves are wonderfully developed in many ways possible, and while the plots are somewhat rehashes. it is somehow able to correlate with the character development, and the hilarious humor. The plots are kind of boring, but they are spiced in many ways possible. The characters are also great, and possibly my favorite is Benny. She is just downright funny, and gets the most laughs out of me (surprisingly). If there was one thing I didn't like about the show, it would be some of the dialogue. Some people do get it here and there, but for me, it's kind of hard to understand at times.

    Despite this, George Lopez is one of the funniest shows out there. The humor is fresh and great, the characters are well-developed and all-rounded, and there is just a sense of originality, that sets it apart from other family sitcoms. If want to kill time, George Lopez is one of the best ways to serve you entertainment.

    Presentation: 9/10 Plot does seem boring, but the original characters bring the score out.

    Characters: 10/10 The characters are really funny, but at the same time, develop through out the show.

    Voice: 10/10 Dialogue is perfectly spelled out, and all the scripts feel refreshing.

    Entertainment: 9/10 Jokes can be a little confusing at times, but most of the time, it's just downright hilarious.

    Lasting Appeal: 9.5/10 If you are looking for some good family sitcoms, George Lopez should probably be the first place to start at.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10 Incredible

  • Another cool sitcom on Nick at Nite.

    George Lopez is one cool mexican dude! Nice that he was a voice actor in a recent movie coming out n production. It was about dogs but I don't know how to spell the type/breed of dogs that were in the movie.:P Well back to the show, this show is awesome and is another good sitcom that actually came out around this decade. It just goes to show you that in this decade there can be some golden sitcoms produced too! I love this show and is one where I sit down and enjoy watching reruns of it. George Lopez like Home Improvement, Full House, Fresh Prince, and Family Matters are true sitcom gold where the whole family can sit down and enjoy watching them and have a good laugh. But this show suprisingly ended all of a sudden last year, that's a shame. I think some more good episodes can be produced for this! So yeah I wish it can be brought back sometime soon. Maybe the stars had other jobs and parts to other shows and movies, but I hope they can have enough spare time again to try and be the characters in this show then. Because this show is great and every episode has enjoyable plots. I always couldn't wait to see more! Well, this definitely is another great live-action sitcom where Nick at Nite fortunately still airs it. I also think the daughter of George Lopez in the show is wicked hot! I love her!
  • George Lopez is a middle age man with a goody tissues wife, an evil mom, an two strange kids. George is the manager of Powers Aviation where his mom, and best friend Ernie work. His daughter Carmen is always talks back to him, an his son is Dyslexic.

    George Lopez is the best show on television. The show is number 1 favorite on my list. My favorite characters are George, Ernie, and Georges mom Bennie. My favorite parts on the show is when we get to see Georges past, and his head is on a child's body. I wish the show could still be on I love it. My favorite episode is the one when Bennie's mom comes to help Benny stay out of jail, and George learns that Benny tried to sell him. As I said the show deserves a huge round of applause, and many more seasons!
  • George Lopez was a great show! This is one that is really fun to watch on reruns! The Lopez family was like a slightly more serious version of the Bundy's from Married With Children.

    George Lopez was a great show! This is one that is really fun to watch on reruns! The Lopez family was like a slightly more serious version of the Bundy's from Married With Children. George and Angie always ran into situations that were funny, many with the children, Carmen and Max, involved. George always tries to handle all the problems his way and usually Angie has to help him out of trouble. George's mom always gets on their nerves and the kids seem to be getting in trouble much of the time. Ernie, George's best friend, is a good, funny character too. Nice music to start and end the show too and an occasional visit from Sandra Bullock.
  • One of the best shows ever created. It focuses on a Mexican-American family starring George Lopez.

    Honestly, this was the best show ABC ever had, why they didn't bring it back for a 7th season I'll never know. The first time I watched George Lopez I was laughing so bad my stomach and jaw was beginning to hurt. I honestly hope they bring it back, one of the best sit-coms that was not based off white characters. Anyone who watches this will have a great half an hour of laughs thanks to George Lopez and co. I still re-watch episodes and still find them entertaining, but I guess the only way the show could improve is if it came back.
  • Excellent

    The George Lopez show is hilarious, excellent, and just laugh out loud funny. George Lopez is one of the funniest people in the world probably (or at least in the show he is). But for me, what really makes the show so great is Belita Moreno, or known as Benny Lopez on the show. Her character is the best character for TV history. Her hillbilly ways or her bizarre ways of raising George are hilarious. She makes cruel jokes and never gives thanks to people who help her. As I said before, this show is excellent and I would highly recommend of watching it.
  • What a family show!

    George is a hilarious dad to follow. He has a foreign accent, but he's good at what he says! His wife Angie is the opposite of him (serious, fashionable, a great talker too). Great role playing here... the setting of the tv sitcom is hilarious and more!
  • One of my favorites:)

    Oh man i love this show and when i got into it thats when i found out it was cancelled:(.So this show is about a factory worker named George Lopez with an evil mom a wife and rebellous children and he tries to juggle his life. This show is just plain HILAROUS!!!!! He tries to handle his mother named Benny who abused him as a child and can be a smart mouth at times:P. His wife is very communitive and talkitive and sensitve at times with the childeren running aroun thinking they can do what ever they want:)

    Anyway i love this show and sorry about this review im not good at making reviews:p
  • I can't believe they cancelled this show!

    I know there are a lot of people that love this show! I'm not hispanic but this show is very enjoyable to watch. I love this show and I miss the new episodes. I watch it on Nick at Night almost every night. I can't believe they cancelled it. ABC said it was due to low ratings, but I think they really cancelled it to make room for new shows - new shows that are lame! And I don't think George Lopez is a racist, I think he said that because that's one of the few (if any) shows that focus on a hispanic family.
    I miss that show and I think it would be cool if it was brought back - even to another network!
  • George Lopez does it again.

    George Lopez creates a new show staring himself and I have to say "Nice job George."This show has all the George Lopez humor in the world packed into one half hour. This show stars George Lopez,his wife Angie,his teenage daughter Carmen,his young son Max,his best pal Ernie,his mom Benny,and his Cuban father in-law Vic. This show is filled with tons of comedy which will give the George Lopez lovers more to love and the George Lopez haters more to hate. Even if you don't like George Lopez this show will make you change you're mind. So if you like comedy and/or George Lopez you'll love the George Lopez show!
  • My all time favorite. I watch every night.

    I am so glad that nick at nite shows two shows back to back. Then two hours later, they repeat the same two show. I have seen every show that they air at least five times each. I especially like the episodes that have guest stars and I am in the process of getting a list of those specific episode titles. My favorite guest star is Andy Garcia. I like the episode with H.R Puffnstuff. I remember watching him when I was a kid. I also like the episodes with Jerry Springer. Most of all I like the way George and his mom go at each other. I do believe though deep down inside they love each other. A couple episodes have shown this.
  • A Perfect 10! George Lopez is Great!

    This is a hilarious show! A laugh is a laugh is a laugh, especially since we're talking about a 1/2 hour family sitcom, not a documentary. I know zip about Latino culture, but this is only of my favourite shows on TV right now.

    George Lopez overacts somewhat, but it is in character, and Angie Lopez (played by Constance Marie) is the perfect serious foil for George's over-the-top-ness, as are George's kids, Max and Carmen, his mother Benny and his friend Eddie.

    So many comedies based on the "name brand" aspect of successful comedian end up being ego trips with the "star" so greatly overshadowing the rest of the cast that it's like they aren't even there. But on the George Lopez show, the co-stars are truly that - they get decent screen time and they get some good funny lines which they can all deliver perfectly, even the kid playing Max. And Masiela Lusha is great playing the overwrought teenage girl so much like how her father is so excitable without becoming an un-funny stereotype.
  • A really good comedy show.

    When I like the shows Drake and Josh and Family Matters,This show is one of them.

    It's really funny and it does really well on the funny thing.

    I really like this show because it's so funny and it really is one of the best shows ever made like Drake and Josh.

    George Lopez did really well on this show and he is one of the best dudes to have comedy stand-up and he is really funny on this really funny show.

    This is one of the funniest shows ever made and it did pretty much well at being funny and this show is the best.
  • Pretty good

    I like this show, I sometimes do not like the excessive sexual language or mean spirited humor, but other times I do. I like the show's format, how it has a lot of like cliffhangers and story arcs. I do at times wish it was more family friendly or something though. I don't really have a favorite character, they are all pretty good and all have their separate moments of good humor. I don't really have a favorite episode or season either, because I like a lot of different episodes.

    So, a decent show, shame there aren't new episodes anymore
  • This is one of the funniest shows that I have ever seen

    Ever since this show came to Nick@Nite a few years ago, I have been watching it and I've seen every single episode. George Lopez is the funniest man ever and he deserved a sitcom like this. I wish this show wasn't canceled. It was a very good and funny show. One of the greatest sitcoms I've seen. Also, Constance Marie who acts as Angie (George's wife) is HOT. Carmen is also very pretty. I think the only character I can't stand in this show is Benny, she was a horrible mother to George but sometimes I do find her funny so it depends how she is. I recommend this show to everyone that is a huge George Lopez fan. This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I really wish that this show wasn't canceled because it really did make me laugh so hard and was really hoping that it would last for a long time. I want more new episodes. This show will always be a legend to me. Overall, this is a perfect sitcom to watch and I can watch this show over and over again because it is just a very enjoyable show that makes me laugh very hard especially because I'm a huge George Lopez fan. 10/10
  • i think i just fell in love o.O

    George Lopez has got to be one of my fav actors! When I first watched his show on Nick at Nick I thought oh no another bad sitcom. I judged the show to quickly because after a few episodes I fell in love! George Lopez=awesomeness! I really enjoy watching on George Lopez at night! This show is not like those bad humor poorly acted sitcoms networks throw out. This show deserves its fame but not to be cancelled!!!!! ABC made a huge mistake there. Every episode is clever and witty and lol worthy and I fall in love with the characters every time! Theres just something about this show thats unique, with the actors, the interesting plots, and storylines. I love that George Lopez is a show about latinos! Most of my friends are hispanic and I think its cool to see a show not about some white family. Its weird because I'm white and I've found myself in love with George Lopez! =P

    anywhoos, i love george lopez!!!

    peace out XD
  • George Lopez was one of the funniest sitcoms ever. And the series finale was (wa-tcha, wait for it,) epic.

    George Lopez has been a great show for the 7 years it was on the air. It involved a mexican family dealing with all aspects of life. Two characters, George and Max, are dyslexic. George's mother is the one who makes the second funniest jokes (behind George). George's wife is usually the one who is serious when something happens. His daughter is the "drama queen" of the family. But enough about the characters. I've seen most of the episodes, and I would like to say that my all-time favorite episode was "George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia(Series Finale)" where a multi-millionaire gives George a career in Phoenix(where, ironically, is where his father lived). Since all of his family and friends (even Benny, his mother) are going to miss him, he decides to stay, he does a broadcasted protest, and the multi-millionaire gives him the factory. I miss various catchphrases like "WAPAAA!" "Shaao!" "Wa-tcha," "TA LOCA?! and various others. It's only been a year, why not make a new season about life as boss in "Powers Bros. Aviation (Probably called George Lopez Aviation by now)"?

    Overall, this had been a great series.
    In memory of George Lopez, "WAPAAAA!"
  • Best show ever besides family guy

    i love this show so much
    its on every night and i watch it, especially this week long marathon. im just very very very angry that it is cancelled, i wish that they would bring it back, you know, like futurama. but now im happier than ever because its on in the morning before i go to school, ever since the fresh prince of bel air got the boot, so roseanne full house and the home improvement show have been rotating on the time schedules slots. uhmm, what else can i say. great show, very funny, comedian yea you know what i mean.
  • I think this show is so funny

    this show is so funny i love the relationship between angie and george. my favorite characters are carmen,angie, and of course george. The funniest things are between george and benny. Ernie is also so funny. I like it when Veronica comes because she is so funny and it is also funny when angie calls veronica something and carmen answers. Max is also funny i like the way he believes anything people tells him. That is the way george and angie get him to do anything. I also love it when george and benny have their sweet moments. I love this show and i hope nick at nite keeps airing it.
  • So Funny!

    The show, George Lopez, is so funny! And so is the George Lopez himself. I enjoy watching this show because I usually laugh at every episode, and I usually dont laugh out loud when watching tv. My favorite character on the show is probably George or Max. I actually do not have a least favorite character on this show. I like them all. George Lopez is about George and his family and living the life of a Latino family. They don't really have too many latino family-based shows out there. Too bad I got into this show right after it got cancelled.
  • This is my favorite show!

    This is my altime favorite please email me on so he is a mexican with a daughter (favorite character) and a son and he works for 15 years to become manager in a airplane part factory!he has a weird freaky mother who never cares about him and a wife who loves him to talk and wants world peace if you ask my friends i have moments to honor george lopez and act like will smith I love this comedien and he almost died because of a kidney! poor lopez anyway i hope people watch this show and give it more credit i love it! Thank you 4 your time!
  • This show is absolutely FUNNY!

    I love this show too. I used to watch it all the time! They stopped making new episodes though. I want it back! George Lopez is one of those shows...that make you pee your pants. You know? Those funny ones that make you laugh so hard! I can't believe they stopped making episodes for this show! How could they? This is one of the best! This show is the reason I even watch TV! Dude, it's that intense! I'd die if I couldn't watch George Lopez! If you don't watch it, you don't know what you've been missing! This is a great show and the actors are fantastic!
  • This is a wildly funny show. It's about George and his beautiful wife and 2 kids. Last year his daughter went off to college and now it's just him,the wife, and son at home. I just found out that they cancelled it!!!!!!!!!

    I was looking on the web and I just found out they cancelled this wonderful show. They never even told the cast and crew until they finished what they thought was the season finale. What is up with these networks? They cancelled a lot of amazing shows. Anybody that I know that has watched this show has laughed at least once. We need to form a revolt against all networks. They have no idea what people want. Now I know it got a little repetitive this year. Last year the season finale looked like the factory was going to Mexico and then this year they did it again but it was a little different and George saved the day! I am going to miss this show!
  • George Lopez definently has many more seasons to come.

    When it first started coming on ABC, I never watched it after My Wife and Kids. However, one day when I watched it, I was laughing all through out the show. This show may likley even be better than My Wife and Kids. I like how George and his mother are always arguing and fightning about something. I also think the show is well written and orginal in amy differnt ways. Where else would you find a show with all Latinos playing the roles? hat's another reson I like the show because its about the troubles in a Latino family that's living in LA.
  • Really funny show.

    Comedian George Lopez plays George Lopez in the show "George Lopez" (that was weird). He has a wife, 2 kids, and a bat crazy mom living with him (but one of his kids, Carmen, leaves the show when she goes to college and is replaced by a cousin for the last 2 or 3 seasons of the show). It is a really funny show that I think shouldn't have ended. Also, George is the manager of an airplane factory and works with his mom, so he has to get her out of trouble sometimes. It's something that you should take the time to watch.
  • the show is great

    this show is totally cool, it\'s funny but then serious at times. George Lopez is a great actor/ comiedan. i think this show should come back to at least many more seasons, all the people are great and they make the perfect tv family even though they deal with real problems with the two kids.
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