George Lopez

ABC (ended 2007)





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  • This show proves that TV really can turn you into a mindless brain melted puddle of ooze. Mothers everywhere rejoice that they were right. The rest of us, switch channels.

    Positively terrible. When a terrible and completely dry comic gets a TV sitcom, this kind of dribble happens.

    Do we really need to waste the airwaves with this kind of crap? After giving it a fair shot for 3 episodes, I want that hour and a half of my life back. I am begging whoever controls that...I should have done...anything else.

    I feel terrible for the other actors and actresses on the show, because they now have this on their resume, and that won't look good. Some of them have some talent, or perhaps that is just because they are acting next to the complete lack of talent which is George Lopez. I can't be sure about that.

    Even with nothing else on, I switch channels, or if I have to, go to the DVD collection, because I wouldn't make it through an episode of this without a gun to my head or a sac full of cash enticing me to make it for the longest half hour of my life.