George Lopez

ABC (ended 2007)





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  • A very funny sitcom that is so very muchtrue to life

    I sat down one day late at night and went channel surfing and I'll be damned I came across George Lopez. I love this show it is really an amazing sitcom. it has hit written all over and we just could not expect anything less from George Lopez. You can't help but feel for some of these characters and the struggles in their lives. This show is hilariously funny and so true to life. this really is a show for people who are struggling in life because every episode is a new problem that people face everyday and this show is hope to those people. when max was having trouble in school with dyslexia it reached out to me because I also have trouble with my adhd in school and that just really touched my heart. Like I was saying before this show is funny and straight to the point the only problem is that it's funny at the wrong time. you just cannot be on the topic of a serious issue and just put in a joke like that out of nowhere it's just not right. But still this is a wonderfully funny and touching sitcom with a great storyline and wonderful characters that just needs to know when the time is right for a joke. I would also like to mention that I am back and am still doing reviews.