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George Lopez

ABC (ended 2007)



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  • This is a great example of why George Lopez will always be one of the greatest actors known. This show had a great run.

    George Lopez continues to be one of the great actors in America...North America...the world...with this classic series, named, well, "George Lopez". It had it's run for five years during the mid-2000s, and mostly had it's great run during Seasons 1-4 when Carmen, who plays George's daughter, was in the show. She left for college for Season 5 and was replaced by Angie's-played by Constance Marie to be George's wife-niece, Veronica, who is used to living a rich lifestyle. But that has to be changed when she moves in with George. Both Carmen and Veronca are brats, but Veronica was hotter. So...go Veronica!

    The other characters in the show other than George (who once again, is very very funny if you have yet to understand that) are Angie, his wife, played by Constance Marie. She is a hot mom, yet being at the age of I believe 43 or 44 as of right now in 2009.

    Max is their son. He is the youngest of the two children they have. He's pretty funny. I love his smart-a$$ comments. I love smart allecks. Their sarcasm and jokes are so funny.

    Their other child is Carmen, the drama queen brat that got on my nerves the whole time she was on the show. She left in the final season, for college, I believe.

    Benny is George's mom. She's short, and doesn't look very old, but apparently is supposed to be. (She had George at age 16, though.) Her husband left her and George when George was young. She beat, I believe, and insulted and turned George down constantly as a kid. There are a bunch of quotes from George during the show about how bad she treated him during his childhood.

    Vick is Angie's dad. He's Cuban, I believe, and has an annoying accent, that annoys George too. He can be funny at some times but then again, he plays a weird character.

    That's my two cents about the show, "George Lopez". Many people believe that it should of lasted longer, but I think they ended it at an appropriate time.