George Lopez

ABC (ended 2007)





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  • One of my best show.

    I love this show because George Lopez is very funny but he's acting a little real as Ernie. I always enjoyed watching this whole episodes of George Lopez. Benny is acting something real for something in the George Lopez show. This is all about that someone has a big problem and need to solve the problem just like I saw Max drank illegal drinks like beer and wine a lot and then Max felt awful and Max went to hospital for punishment. And when I'm into the house, I create many time to write "George Lopez" episode story for season seven. So... the episode name for George Lopez season seven that I created is called "Benny Keeps Waiting". That means Benny is tired of waiting because Benny's grandaugther really wants to go to grocery store, so Benny have to be patient. I enjoy creating a lot of episode for George Lopez seasson seven.