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  • I love this show.

    This is an awesome show. George Lopez is such a professional comedian and he beyond hilarious and hysterical in every episode of this show. Almost every line he said was something funny and full of humor and made me laugh. I just enjoy this show so much. I especially loved situations like where he found out he had a sister and invited her over to his house, half brother, when he met his father and tried to bring him back into his life, and when Benny's house burned down. Those are just some. Every episode kept me coming back for more every time and put the icing on the cake. I just can't describe it. I love this show. George Lopez works in a factory called Power Brothers Aviation where people build airplane parts. He has a wife named Angie, a mother named Benny, and two kids named Carmen and Max. Benny is very neglectful and gave George a horrible childhood. He had a father who left him when he was two because he hated Benny. I don't know why almost every episode of this show on this site got no higher than in the sixes or sevens. Most of them deserve nines and tens. I liked this show a little less after Carmen left the show because her character went to college. She could have lived at home. The niece took her place though, and that made things a little better and prevented the show from jumping the shark. I'm glad it stopped after the sixth season however, because otherwise it probably would have jumped the shark due to the departure of Carmen. She was the daughter. But I am glad she stayed five seasons because that is a pretty long time. Well, depending on how many seasons the show goes on. in this case, it is a long time. Whereas if the show were to go eight, nine, or ten seasons, it would not be a long time. Some of my other favorite episodes were where George and Angie compete to see who can do more work around the house, where Max and Carmen go over to Benny's house to be taught a lesson to behave, and where Carmen runs away from home. However, some episodes were boring because they did not involve the kids. Kind of like what I said about Still Standing, only it happens a lot more often with this show. More than it really should. As the show continues and reaches later seasons, the kids are rarely seen and it is focused more on the adults and their problems including George and Angie dealing with other people. Most of the episodes without the kids in this episodes are boring. Whereas in one of my other favorite shows Still Standing, only some of them without the kids were boring. Regardless, George Lopez is still one of the best out there, and it is a great show to watching whenever you feel angry, depressed, or stressed out. Even when I feel fine and normal, it is still a great show to watch. Some of the storylines and plots continue on and are built upon in this show and are not completely forgotten about later, which I see as a positive thing. Only because they were interesting and hilarious. If they were not, then I would have liked this show a little less. The bottom line is, this is one of my favorite shows, and I just love it so much.