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  • Overall a pretty good show

    I like this show. It's pretty funny and for the most part the characters were hilarious and likeable. I also like the serious points of the show. There are some lessons you could learn from some of the episodes. The general theme of the show was a bit generic, though. It was kind of like the other family sitcoms on TV. Also, I really think Carmen got really irritating and annoying after the second or third season. Come to think of it, she was always annoying, but moreso after this point. She always had some new problem that she would be crying about every single episode. Most of the problems she had were typical teenage drama. She was a gigantic drama queen and a total brat and I used to hate when some of the episodes were centered around her. What a freaking spoiled ungrateful brat she was..I was so happy when she finally left for college..

    Another thing I didn't really like was when they would continually mention how Manny, Georges father, walked out on him and his mom when he was 2. They mentioned it in almost every episode, it was pretty redundant and I kinda felt like enough was enough already. And I know that George and Benny's relationship is supposed to be "humorous" but I kind of felt like after awhile Benny was overdoing it and she was kind of crossing the line with George. I mean, he was her son, she needed to at least show some respect...

    Overall, I think this show is great. My favorite characters are Max, Ernie, and George. They are probably the funniest characters on the show.
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