George Lopez - Season 3

ABC (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Carmen's Dating
    Episode 5
    Carmen begins seeing the most popular boy in school, but when he won't be seen in public with her, George and Angie intervene to set him straight.
  • Dubya, Dad and Dating (1)
    George prepares the crew for a visit from the President of the United States. But he becomes so wrapped up in the thrill of the day's events and the horror of Carmen's unexpected political outbursts, he commits a crime without being aware of it. When the police knock on his door, he's arrested for something entirely unexpected and is forced to meet his estranged father face-to-face. In the meantime, Benny drops a bomb on George about the new man in her life.moreless
  • Weekend at Benny's
    Episode 17
    When Angie goes away on a business trip, George sends the kids to Benny's house for the weekend, to teach them tough love.
  • George and Angie attempt to convince Carmen to dump Zack when he reveals his interest is only in sleeping with her. Randy attempts to win Benny back with a little help from the Commodores. Max finally reaches his goal and graduates the 5th grade.
  • Christmas Punch
    Episode 12
    At Christmastime, George will stop at nothing to convince Max to continue believing in Santa Claus.
  • 10/3/03
    Angie discovers that her parents are getting divorced, and George becomes nervous about his marriage when Angie's social life improves.
  • Feel the Burn
    Episode 4
    George discovers he has a long-lost sister; Benny consults her doctor about an embarrassing problem.
  • Angie Gets Tanked
    Episode 19
    When the Lopez fill in at the dunk tank for a school fundraiser, George starts insulting people so they pay money. Accidentally, he crosses the line with an over-weight student. After that, an awkward picture of Angie appears on the school website.
  • Fishing Cubans
    Episode 9
    This year, Angie decides that her and George should just get something cheap and from the heart for their anniversary. This gives Vic an opening to convince George to help him smuggle his brother Ontovio out of Cuba. Meanwhile, Max has a fake birthday party to get free presents.
  • What George Doesn't Noah (1)
    When George discovers Carmen's new boyfriend is cheating on her, he does some snooping to find out who the other girl is. But he is surprised to find there isn't another girl........
  • 4/30/04
    When Max wins an award at school, Angie says she will take him to Disneyland. Finally off for a weekend to go, George attempts to get out of it because of other commitments, but in reality, he just doesn't want to go and see all the things he missed as a child. Carmen also finds a new guy in Zack Powers.

    NOTE: This episode featured Mickey mouse logos everywhere and the person who found the most won a trip to Disneyland. See below for more.moreless
  • Dubya, Dad and Dating (2)
    In the two-part season premiere, George prepares the crew for a visit from the President of the United States. But he becomes so wrapped up in the thrill of the day's events and the horror of Carmen's unexpected political outbursts, he commits a crime without being aware of it. When the police knock on his door, he's arrested for something entirely unexpected and is forced to meet his estranged father face-to-face. In the meantime, Benny drops a bomb on George about the new man in her life.moreless
  • 4/2/04
    When Vic loses in poker, he won't pay George and instead opts to just take off $50 from money George owes him.
  • Jason Tutors Max
    Episode 18
    Max gets an incredibly sexy new tutor and Carmen has dating troubles with Jason, subsequently resulting in the house turning into a teenage angst.
  • Why You Crying?
    Episode 13
    George and Angie react with rage after Benny disciplines Max for talking back and acting out at school.
  • 10/31/03
    The Lopez family turns their home into a haunted house in order to raise money for the factory workers who have lost their salaries as a result of a plane crash investigation.
  • 11/7/03
    With his job in jeopardy, George tries to cancel Carmen's expensive quinceañera (15th birthday party). But since Angie is successful with her cosmetics business, she gets to make the financial decisions in the family now—to George's chagrin. Meanwhile, Carmen agonizes over how to tell her boyfriend Jason that she loves him without scaring him away.moreless
  • Mementos
    Episode 11
    George gets rid of some of Angie's cherished mementos as he prepares to donate a kidney.
  • God Needles George
    Episode 15
    George is reluctant to keep his promise to Max when a miracle seems to save the family dog from being put to sleep.
  • Split Decision
    Episode 6
    Powers Brothers Aviation lands a huge government project and decides to let everyone have the day off and party at a bar. But George gets in trouble when he lets slip that Mel went to Vegas with Jack's ex-wife -- while they were still married! Geroge fears his firing, but is surprised to find out that Powers is splitting in two! Problems ensue when Mel offers George a job at the new design plant.moreless
  • 1/23/04
    When George discovers Max's friend, Ricky, has a rough home life, Ernie offers to lend a hand.
  • Benny and Randy
    Episode 16
    George interferes with Benny and Randy's relationship, causing Randy to break up with Benny. Benny starts to mope around so George goes to have a talk with Randy. George sees that Randy really does love his mother, so he tricks Benny into admitting she cares about Randy, but is just afraid he'll run off like George's father. Randy proposes and Benny accepts.moreless
  • Wrecking Ball
    Episode 26
    Still furious about her break-up with Randy, Benny takes a golf club to the hood of her boss' car. So when the Powers Aviation factory is vandalized, Benny gets the blame for this too - but it's a crime she didn't commit.
  • She Drives Me Crazy
    Episode 23
    After Benny proves to be irresponsible while teaching Carmen to drive, George reluctantly takes it upon himself with disastrous results.
  • 11/21/03
    After inviting his extended family to Thanksgiving dinner, George learns his estranged father needs a new kidney.
  • The Art of Boxing
    Episode 20
    Vic and George prompt Max to take up at boxing at Laila Ali's school to help him relieve stress. But when he gets a black eye, they must face telling Angie the truth.
  • Dance Fever
    Episode 22
    After receiving an award for excellence in business management, George humiliates himself dancing at a congratulatory party in front of his entire staff in order to gain approval from his mom. Meanwhile, Carmen tries to protect the baked goods she's prepared for the Great American Bake Sale from Max, but neglects to protect them from George.moreless
  • Bachelor Party
    Episode 25
    Amy returns and attempts to break up the soon-to-be married Benny and Randy.
  • What George Doesn't Noah/New George Noah's Ex-Zack-ly What Happened (Parts 1 & 2)
  • 5/21/04
    Carmen's friend Noah (recurring guest star JOHNNY PACAR) goes to extremes to help Carmen keep her relationship with Zack (recurring guest star TREVOR WRIGHT) a secret from her parents. But when George and Angie discover the truth, they become enraged.
  • 9/26/03
    In jail for striking his father, Manny (recurring guest star WILLIAM MARQUEZ), George is shocked when Manny arrives. Manny explains that this is the only way he could get George to listen to him apologize for abandoning the family when George was a youngster. Manny gets George released, but George is still reluctant to forgive him for the past. Meanwhile, George's boss informs him that a security camera captured him stealing the President's speech after an appearance at the plant. George reluctantly returns the document. When George invites Manny to dinner at home, Benny is furious to see her ex-husband. She defiantly announces that she is dating much younger factory worker Randy (recurring guest star NICK OFFERMAN), further upsetting George. Later, she calms George's nerves, reminding him that she sacrificed her love life in order to raise him. George begins to reconcile with his father.moreless
  • 9/26/03
    George is proud when President George W. Bush (BRENT MENDENHAL) makes a speech at the factory in order to gain more Latino votes. However, the event is slightly marred by rebellious Carmen, who heckles the President about his war policy, embarrassing George. Afterwards, George notices that Bush left his speech on the podium and impulsively takes it. Meanwhile, Benny hesitates to tell George that she is dating a co-worker, the much younger Randy (recurring guest star NICK OFFERMAN). When Secret Service agents arrive at the Lopez home and inform George that it is a felony to steal Presidential property, he lies and denies having it. Later, at work, he is arrested--but not for stealing the speech. George's estranged father, Manny (recurring guest star WILLIAM MARQUEZ), has filed charges against George for recently assaulting him. Part one of a two-part episode that concludes in "Dubya, Dad and Dating" Part IImoreless