George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 6

Sk8r Boyz

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2004 on ABC



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    • Angie: (pretending to act happy) When the teenage boy bagging my groceries noticed my bracelet, I took it as a compliment. When he helped me to the car, I thought, "that was really sweet.", When he put his hand on my butt and told me that he never done purple with an older chick, (angrily) I hit him. (sigh) And when he stopped crying, and we found his retainer, he told me that each of those colors stands for something different you'll do with a boy.

    • Benny: In my day, you didn't go around advertising this stuff. If a guy went too far, you slapped him. But if slapping was his thing, it got a little confusing.
      George: Mom!
      Benny: Another source of confusion; biting.

    • Angie: I know middle school can be tough, but remember bullies are just friends who don't realize how special you are.
      George: What are you teaching him?! No wonder kids of all races are coming together to beat up Max!

    • Carmen: Do we have a bible anywhere? I need it for my religious studies class.
      George: Check the living room. Your grandma passed out at the couch last night and I touched it to her forehead to see if it would leave a burn mark.

    • (talking about the bracelets)
      Hayley:Me and this guy went green once.Have you ever went green before.
      Carmen:(lying) Yeah! I even went blue once.
      Hayley:Oh My God! Didn't you get sand everywhere?

    • (Angie is trying to keep Max from doing a dangerous skate board trick in th back yard with his friends.)
      Angie: You remember the song Sammy the Skater sang? "You can still be rad with a helmet and some elbow pads."
      George: Odaleh. Ange, you know what other song Sammy the Skater sang? (in the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel) "Shut up, shut up. You're making it worse. Now, meet me in the kitchen."

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    • Sk8r Boyz

      The title of this episode is a parody of Avril Lavgine's Sk8ter Boy.

    • When Benny hang up the phone she called George=Ward Angie=June and Max=Beaver which are characters from an old sitcom show call Leave It to Beaver

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